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1 Minute Fix: All SmartPhones- Display or Touch Pad Not Working? All Androids, Galaxy, HTC, Asus,

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Iphone screen not working Touch Screen Repair Fix in 1 Mintus Samsung Iphone Huawei iphone screen unresponsive
iphone screen not responding
samsung screen not responding
You Need Piezoelectric igniter (from a electronic lighter sparker method). The fix

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Krishna Kumar says:

Ges jala hona chahiyea ya bhuta bhai plezzs reply

Jitendra Jena says:

sir lighter se kaise karein.

Marija Dolan says:

What did he say when he put his phone on that?

Aabar Khan says:

glass protctr utr k krna ya bagair utara

Ano Op says:

Thank you very much. Bhai aap ne meri problem solve kardi thanks Bhai Mai aapka bahut aabhari hu thank you very much

Rayees Ah says:

Thanks brother, the problem is solved now, so easy and simple. You are great. I was thinking i will buy new phone.

Sameer Nazir says:

love you brother, amazing trick solved my phone problem. thanks so much.JazakAllah but brother after an hour the phone shows same things no permanent improvement.if something better than this plz reply i ll b waiting

Wasim Nassem says:

Behetreen formula nice bhai jaan

Wasim Nassem says:

Behetreen formula nice bhai jaan

Wasim Nassem says:

Behetreen formula nice bhai jaan

Abid Al Hasan says:

If this is fake… I'll find you!!!

salma ???? says:

hi lake view !! hmm can you please translate for me what were you saying because I can't understand urdu hindi (I speak arabic )
please I really need this please tell me what were you doing
all love from morocco ????

Maaz Ullah says:


Josh Brown says:

all these fake ass comments, if you can't speak English don't make a video with an English title, dumbass.

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