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20+ Tips to Improve iOS 12 Battery Life!

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How to Save iOS 12 Battery Life (20+ Tips & Tricks) | Stop iOS 12 Battery Drain & Improve Its Life!

iOS 12 was just recently released, and here are some important tips to help improve battery life on iOS 12! These tips apply to the iPhone X, iPhone 8, iPhone 7, iPhone 6/6S, iPhone SE, iPhone 5S, iPads & iPod Touch 6G.

iOS 12 Final Review: https://youtu.be/vsNM6gskDXo
How to Update to iOS 12 – Tips Before Installing: https://youtu.be/1-yf-iuFOBo
iOS 12 on Older Devices (iPhone 5S, iPhone 6): https://youtu.be/zzp3nucDk7c

Did you apply these tips to your iOS 12 device? Notice better battery life yet?

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Brandon Butch says:

How has battery life been for you on iOS 12 so far? Hope this video can help you get more usage time!


I’ve a question. If i plug in the phone every time before I go out, isn’t that bad for the battery?🤨🧐

Ryan Gibbons says:

Do widgets still refresh if background app refresh is turned off? For example, I like to check my weather widget to get information quickly. Is that now useless if I turn that off?

Samuel Pattiasina says:

Sell your iPhone & buy an android phone to save ur battery life! but if the convenience is the key of your life, stick to iPhone! me? I choose iPhone over any fckin android 🍻 #nooffense

Cio Hikari says:

This is great! It didn't just helped me to save battery but it also boosted my phone and celular data performance.

Tudor says:

If I disable vibrate on ring and i am in a room full of other people I don t know if my phone is ringing or it s another phone

Tudor says:

If i don t use Battery Saver i barely get 4 hours

Konstiga kanalen says:

I have 79% om battery health 🙁

Anushka says:

does using the phone while it’s charging affect the battery?


manually or 15min fetch?

reservoirfrog1 says:

Why don’t you put more adverts into this video

Mark Anthony Sandi says:

Thank you so much sir! I'm Mark from Phil. i followed all the tips that you said and observe it… and wow i see that it really work..
Thank you and more power. God bless.

AhavaBeauty31 says:

Also, carry a portable charger and cable or use a battery case. Helps loads.

AhavaBeauty31 says:

Finally, someone who also charges their iPhone whenever possible. My friends make fun of me sometimes but at least my phone is still juiced up at the end of the night lol.

andrei says:

It’s ok to close apps while charging?

hitlerwasright says:

So basically disable everything. Lol

Frank Castaneda says:

Why would you put Auto-lock to never? That part made no sense. The complete opposite of what Apple suggests.

kareem Tarek says:

My iPhone 7 Plus the battery life is 87% is it good. I’m worried I just got this phone

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