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A computer problem other techs could not fix!

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100%Jim says:

yeah, its a good one. Rare problems like that are sometimes hard to diagnose especially if you don't have spare parts to eliminate test with . What a pain. Well done!

Error 42 says:

Sometimes it's the most simple of things that can so easily be over looked and it's these that can really chew up the time finding them too.

I've seen a couple of other strange PC issues in my time. One was a Slot A based system (yes that long ago) that would constantly sound the onboard alarm through the PC speaker, normally for overheating issues. The thing was this particular board only ever did it when screwed into the specific case that was bought for it. We changed every other component from the PSU to the CPU and nothing stopped it. If the board with the exact same components was mounted in another case it would be fine, no alarm at all.
We never did work out what was going on, simply disconnected the PC speaker as the machine was otherwise working fine and was not over heating. My friend ran that machine for several years and only replaced it because it was too out dated.

The other time which this makes me think of is a PC in an office I used to work at, it would reset if someone walked by it but it only seemed to do it in certain circumstances. We stripped it down, reseated everything, even tried "knocking it about a bit" 😀 whilst it was on, no amount of tapping or nudging would cause it to reset. Someone walked by…. reset.
This was solved by upgrading to a newer PC! It bugs me to this day that I couldn't work out what was happening. It does make me wonder if it was something similar to this switch issue, but why tapping the case wouldn't cause the same problem I don't know.

Lamster66 says:

The others are seroiusly crap techs
Or rather they are not techs at all.
Fault finding is a art and also essential if you call yourself a tech.
I found a similar fault recently with an intermittanty shorting front panel usb socket.
The Previous techs that looked at it diagnosed faulty M/B and the other the PSU.
Sadly your repair is unremarkable but does demonstrate that you can fault find
It sadly also demonstrates that many so called techs cannot

GlueTubber says:

this is where one of those FLIR camera attachments would be handy – quickly SEE the hot spots on the motherboard…

Alan Schlieper says:

Switch makes perfect sense. Prior to that, the unexpected shutdowns, are typically a problem you get when you have a heat issue, which would make me start to look at defective fans or crusty thermal paste on the processor heat sync.

Michael Goode says:

Excellent video – thanks.

Just found you on youtube and have subscribed.

Would you mind linking to the hardware monitor software please? I googled and got hundreds of hits. I have no idea which are genuine and which are potentially dangerous. Thanks.

chris m says:

YouTube really needs to add a stronger Like option than just one simple 👍. Just for this video here. Bravo!!

chris m says:

WOW!!! You, Sir, are amazing!! That's impressive! I haven't seen such thorough troubleshooting since I helped my Dad fix some commercial electrical issues in a really messed up warehouse. (The genius was all my Dad, I claim no credit but following instructions.) It is really great to see a thorough, knowledgeable technician doing their job right and finding the cause of a tricky issue.

sretsamhsiw8 says:

You've solved your fan's problem! Subscribed!!!

Emmanuel Lopez says:

Awesome, new computer hero alert, tnx for sharing it with the whole world!! 💻💯✅🍻👌🏻👍🏻👊🏻🤖

Kwipper says:

When I first heard the problem. I was thinking.. "This is a tempature issue. The system is shutting down because it's overheating." and then I saw the temps were actually kinda normal and that it wasn't overheating. I was not expecting a faulty reset button at all. =)

Imperfect Servant says:

Nice fault finding, I would have checked the temps in BIOS first though before Windows environment as it was told to be resetting to give a heads up for temp shutdown. But nice procedure you have, more tech guys needed with your processes.

Fred Mason says:

Great video, well explained and informative.

joe killfu says:

I had similar problem with a usb port

The Spreeman says:

I used to work in the PC tech industry in the 1990's. When ever I had to look to hire any tech. I used to run a simple ground test on a PC board by wedging a screw underneath a motherboard. Obviously the board would not start up. Using this test, only 1 in 5 so called techs would spot the problem within 5 mins. A lot of PC techs do not go through a diagnostic check like you did.

William Wagner says:

Great Attitude Sir…. Methodical plan of execution, K.I.S.S. method to the "10's". Enjoyable, very rare…

Truth Songs1 says:

Every time people I know that use Norton ALWAYS have problems with their systems after installing Norton.

David Talkington says:

Great catch! A lot of tech guys would miss that….they don't have what you have! You have something that is hard to teach and can't they just read a book,… You have common sense and deduction skills due to experience! Thanks for bringing us along with your thought process!…P.S. I used to do I.T. for a living…so I understand. I feel bad for Bill too! Thanks again!

Michael Horton says:

good troubleshooting, kudos

Red Asgard says:

i've only had 1 chassis with a bad switch like 14 years ago, but even though I've come across this problem I was placing my bets on a rogue jumper or faulty psu

Larry Sementini says:

Cool! Nice job, Carey.

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