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Android Fix Video Can’t Play- How to Restore Corrupted Video

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Android Fix Video Can’t Play- How to Restore Corrupted Video MP4. This includes changing temporary (TMP) file names, VidTrim, MP4Fix, and more. Sony Xperia XZ1 Compact used. Error sometimes happens when storage runs out of space or you close out of the camera app without ending the video.



Liar. You just want views.

HussleNoob says:

@1:20 it sounded like b!tchrim (vidtrim) lol

Anil Kumar says:

Mera ek video hai concert nahi ho raha sir help

Mobarak Khan says:

sir mainai call recoding kiya but chla RHA hu to can't play this file to kaisai chlai please help me

Android Gamer 2002 says:

I tried the MP4 fix and it made it sound high pitched, It was a gaming video where I talk, and well you already know how that worked out.

Mr Batman says:

Jb vdo hi ni chal rhi to vdo kasy dekho

Syed Asad says:

Just download VLC for android

C- Sam says:

how to save? i dont want to buy it 😵

pala bana says:

phewww so lucky not india video

Bobby Reynolds says:

Yes! Works perfectly for me

Tøny Stark Technical says:

Not working it's show Not supported

Kevon Adams says:

My video only played 25%😒

Krista Huffmaster says:

I have tried every option but the pc because I don't have a pc and none of them worked for me. Is there anything else I can try to get my video to work??

Arooja Arooja says:

There was a problem while playing YouTube videos

Anders Erichsen says:

One free solution that worked 4 out of 5 files I had was this Digital Video Repair. Sadly and not sure why this last one has issues. Iv found two paid programs that can do it – but I rather find a free alternativ. MP4Fix can't do it either and I had another paid website not being able to do it either. But 2 programs I have found that can do it – yet it cost money, money, money.

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