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Android Phone Won’t power on or charge Fix (Digicel DL1000)

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If your Digicel DL1000 or similar Android phone or tablet with non-removable battery won’t power up and does not charge or show charging animation this is how you fix it. It may seem like the phone is dead but its not. When it plugged in the charge LED my show but nothing on screen.


Roger Smith says:

Just as an FYI, this appears to be almost identical to the Alcatel One Touch Fierce XL 5054N. Although inner (inside) battery cover has many tiny (1.5mm) screws holding it on. Thanks for sharing!! 👍

Meta Knight says:

How about vivo

StarbreezeII says:

Well my son's Plum z516 rapidly dropped to 0 and shut off and wont turn on again nor charge. When its plugged it, it flashes the plum logo every 10 seconds. Tried everything, including cleaning charging ports, a different charger. Same issue, cant soft reboot nothing

cariline jackson says:

omg thx it worked, i have A BLU and i just had to take the battery out and let it rest, thx man

dick infante says:

my phone will get wet and it cant turn on and its not charging what can i do

Jerson Gilbuena says:

Even the led on my phone doesn't turning on…

Dieme Hussein says:

Can this work on ZTe

Connie Macias says:

Will this work on a Nuu A3 Android mobile phone?

Elevation Gamer X says:

Does it works for Digicel DL2 XL please reply

hoque T says:

Nice video bro.

Delle Tag says:

thanks men even other phones work

Šílený Patrik says:

I have not user removable battery

Lawrence Wilson says:

Worked great! I have a Digicle acer with the same removable battery and I did exactly as you said.

AJ the Sauce God says:

It didn't work for me

johnlloyd manangkil says:


bmw king says:

Bro i need help so basically once i was raging a lot cuz i was playing one game and i threw it so hard on carpet but it didnt break luckily, and my mobile doesnt work since then, please reply and help me if u can i cant turn on it

Jowayne Sinclair says:

My battery is built in but it says if I remove it, the battery would be damage.. What must I do then???

But I found this video helpful…

Sasuto Uzuchi says:

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Sasuto Uzuchi says:

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Oluwafunke Falade says:

Still won't come on

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