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Beat by an iPhone 7 No Power Repair

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criticalmass04 says:

15:04 Yes , that vid about V and A ,a litle beginner stuff , do You realy want to do that video tutorial? It`s realy good idea Jason! ๐Ÿ™‚ I`ll be waiting for it. Peace ๐Ÿ™‚

Thor Rite says:

I was going to move over to Apple but since watching all these video's about iPhone, nah!

Plamen Petkov says:

Apart of heating, another possible method is to measure voltage drops across the traces.
When there are many caps on a rail the voltage drop on its say GND end in respect of the source GND will a tad higher than adjacent caps. The power source is better set in constant current mode for this method.

JONNY king2 says:

I had a problem with 7+ bottom and touch I'd I had to replace it & when I replaced it.. it was having problem booting up and so on

Baljeet Sodhi says:

My Phone Number +919855100522

Baljeet Sodhi says:

Sir this i have to learn to work

Hairul Azman says:

i understand the feeling that we unable to fix the thing. Most customer wouldn't understand it.

Mr.RandomTechIdeas says:

wow! a very impresive profitional cp tech, you didnt faild. you do your job as well. thats is a part of our job, sad but true..

Donald Ellett says:

How much is a cpu for that phone

Abdullah Kahraman says:

So did you charge for this? Because you have spent your time on this..

Pero says:

I just got one with a short on pp1v1_sdram. sad ๐Ÿ™ took everything off the board relating to that line except cpu/sdram and the line is still shorted. fook a iphone 7 plus

Dennisk9511592468 says:

The problem is RAM short to ground. A10's RAM can be changed. Just cut it down and change.
This is what I did. https://docs.google.com/uc?export=download&id=1c5lYWShKN7bJyvadppFU8UjuvdOLFiKn

Khalid Dou says:

Hi..good work …thank you for all you informations..

janet williams says:

hey man i got a iphone 6s and if i flash a light on it i can see the screen but with no light i cant see it

Luis Lindao says:

Muy buenas disculpa que herramienta usas en el video. Muchas gracias DIOS TE BENDIGA

Mobile fix says:

Good job anyway ๐Ÿ˜‰

adil Adi says:

Happy to see you Again…

Mazen Lami says:

Hello.. nice to see your vids .. u are great man thank you
But i want to know what is the name of the programs you use for schematics please

TECHDZ says:

nice to see u jason , rehot cpu bro good luck

Peter ppeetteerr says:

Hi Jason, how many no fix repair per 100 phones you have? I have just broke up iphone SE and i am dissapointed. I repaired no touch, but after while no touch preblem began again, when i do the same repair again, mobile won t boot, and short was somewhere in CPU. Do you think it can be caused by static electricity or something else? Btw the short draws something around 0.5 A. Thanks for respond, love your videos ๐Ÿ™‚

Rodrigo Maero says:

I agree, crack kills…
Joking aside, don't lose you mind. Today I had two no fixes, but this month I have the most successes ever since I started… (I don't have a lot of phones coming in for board repair, so two for me is quite a big number)

Laurent Pรฉrier says:

Still very good job ๐Ÿ‘ canโ€™t fix everything and when itโ€™s cpu thereโ€™s no way. One more spare !

karthik T says:

Tq u sir

Imran Osman says:

Thanks For the video. Fix or no fix we learn alot from you.

I really do relate with you on the success rate and the effect it has on your zeal

Andy Dawson says:

Nice video Jason, Keep up the good work my friend ๐Ÿ‘

midnightman011 says:

Always post your failures .. that is the best way to learn and tells everyone else what is going on .. another good video

Chris Jubb says:

yet another great video

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