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Casey Lynn says:

I am inspired by you because my parents are getting a decors and y’all help me

Perfectly Balanced says:

0:03Top Ten Beat Boxers Verbalase is scared to diss

Zombieguy 1594 says:

I still love the videos couldn't watch them in a while 😔😔 because I have been busy

Mark Pearston says:

0:53 “We’re CAA Operatives”.

For those who don’t know. CAA is roadside service in Canada.

Future Trunks says:

I saw a picture of Zamasu and Gowasu when you opened the door.

Judy Vilayseng says:

As I walk through the valley of the shadow I’d death

Team Alpha says:

I Like it!. You should be an ALPHA 😉

Parker Stillinger says:

Beat it just beat it you defeat to the beat beat it bebbebe defeat.

Team Alpha says:

That's awesome. You should be an ALPHA 😉

Levi Gerdes says:

What weapon do you shot the ball with

Hvk_ Azriel says:

why can you only get one gobble gum

random dude says:

Hell yeah biggie smalls

Shelesa Green says:

I love you so much guys

OhSoCali says:

What? Boo for the copyright songs, but cool map

Potato_Gaming says:

I think this is how it goes: Bronze tier is soul boxes, Silver tier is all staffs built, Gold tier is all staffs packed.

uneasy 809 says:

Where’s the lightning crystal

EpicGamer lilboi says:

Imagine, the desert eagle being an actual weapon in cod zombies

Daniel Singh says:

Around 13:00 their is a perk bottle in the corner of the fire room

M S says:

Been watching since the minecraft adventure/survival map days. Glad to see you guys still have time for your subscribers to upload for us.

Alejandro Valencia Duque says:

Play Black ops 4

Deathwarrior says:

This looks like nuketown it even has the bus in the middle

bullshoot100 says:

whats up yaw i love when you do custom zombies. I have been suscribed for a long time and liked the video. hope you keep uploading custom zombies.

Danu Dwi Aditya says:

nWo 4 life, YAW 4 life

V8flattop Gamer says:

Yeah those are North Korean nukes for sure, not one of them detonated. Kim Jung Mentalee Ill must have tricked Pagan Clause into delivering them. !!!Pooow Kim Jung, have locket noooooo fry!!

George says:

what are you using for record zombies

Nephilim 2k18 says:

Can you have a map creator, make a map, where the Zombies fire guns too🐿️

jeffery scott says:

Maybe the presents went under the Christmas tree for silver or you needed the fire staff to melt the ice

Adam Banner says:

sharpshooter challenge ?

Robbie James says:

You didnt put presents by the tree?

Christian Gonzalez says:

The people talking were two characters from dragon ball super later in the serious the characters are zamesu and I forge the others name

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