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Call of Duty: Black Ops – Campaign – Rebirth

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What’s your favorite Black Ops mission? Post your response in a comment below.

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Tommy Nguyen says:

Woods lived

ZhaoYun320 says:

5:29 Oooooh you know he dead XD

DaddyLeo says:

Ahhhhh the good ol days Black ops and Black ops 2 are the best CODs in my opinion.

Tommy Briggs says:

When Miley Cyrus twerks 11:58

Ali Mammedov1111 says:

What did actually happened to SOG. Were they captured in jungles and killed or they were taken to other place

GambinoGen says:

Mason/Victor Reznov: β€œMY NAME IS VICTOR REZNOV AND I WILL…HAVE…MY…REVENGE!!!!” Best part tbh of this mission

FunboxPhillips says:

Hudson: We wanted Steiner alive! Why did you have to kill him?

Mason: Bc the numbers told me to.


Mason: I didn’t do it, Reznov killed him….

Mary Petrich says:

Does anyone get how mason stood there in the first part 1 Victor shot steiner but part 2 mason shot him

JOE2931 PINEDA says:

Best game on ps3

Quiet Ducks says:

Played it on the ds

you tube says:

3:25 KILL him Mason!

Rebel Fleet Trooper says:

The tank and Hazmat battle are my favorite parts.

Jeffrey Holmes says:

9:54 this part in hard and veteran… dammit and the barrels in SOG

Gustavo Avila says:


Palmer V. says:

My name is Victor Reznov, and I will have my HAPPY MEAL!

RZPogi says:

It's interesting that Steiner is a fickler or a person who easily changes allegiance for his survival. First with Soviets then with the Americans.

Jeffrey Gardner says:

Mason really is brainwashed
"Reznov killed him right in front of me!" But the man interrogating him says otherwise.

Freddo Parrot says:

Most of the story checks out at some level but this mission always has left me wandering how the fuck would the USA get away with just fucking assaulting a military base on soviet soil ???

Korean Takeout says:

Favorite mission in this game.

Jeffrey Gardner says:

Mason and Reznov wanted to kill Steiner, but Hudson and his team wanted to extract Steiner.
Do you think Mason is a horrible person?

Rebel Fleet Trooper says:

Mason is such a Psycho! XD

gacha poop says:

A have 0ps 1

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