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Call of Duty Infinite Warfare..

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Thanks so much for the support! Call of Duty Infinite Warfare Multiplayer Gameplay COD Infinite Warfare Gameplay, In this video I talk about my opinions on call of duty infinite warfare in 2018 and talk about how I feel like this game wasn’t as bad as people say for the most part but it did have its flaws as well, SUBSCRIBE for MORE Call of Duty Videos!

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GreenGoblinHD says:

Drop a LIKE! Thanks so much for all of the support! <3

Tristan Hughes says:

awesome vid bro but i think that u need to talk slower u r going very fast, and take a breath every now and again so u dont pass out

Gacha Goldfish says:

The first COD I got was black ops 3…

Reggie Beats says:

The only recent COD with a non trash gameplay! Too bad I can't find good lobbies on PC

XxRaWxBOSSxX Gaming says:

Basically a futuristic MW3

Mac Presten says:

I bought IW+modern warfare remastered for $15.. modern warfare remastered by itself was $35 lmao

Arabelly Leon says:

Tbh this is my favorite void game

Arabelly Leon says:

Believe it or not, but I once got 61 kills

RePeLleD必要日々 says:

I've been playing COD sense 2010-2016 and I've havent played infinite warfare the only cods I've ever played are BO1, COD AWF, COD GHOST, and BO3.

Gustavo Cano says:

Tô sentindo saudades desse COD kkkkkk

Гази Газиев says:

It is the most CallOfDutiest Call of Duty ever! Graphics, gameplay, weapons and specialists are AWESOME! Still playing it every night…

Joseph Skulj says:

No matter what anyone says I fucking loved this game, super underrated in my opinion

Arnav Behari says:

I bought and installed this game yesterday tried playing some public matches but found 0 players does nobody play the multiplayer anymore??

Edgar Carranza says:

This game came out at a time when the Call of Duty community was tired of advanced movement. So they got angry, but when isn't the CoD community angry

Macawed says:

Ghosts killstreaks were garbage yeah, but holy shit were they fun to use

Treviyon Brite says:

Keep playing

DOGE MAN73 says:

Infinite Warfare is such good COD and I'm getting it for my birthdays

KillaThaGod says:

I love IW…IW FOREVER IW>BO4 idk i played BO4 beta and game it seems boring to watch and play but hey that's just me🤷‍♂️

Oh Yeah Yeah says:

Least successful and worst call of duty ever

Bill Cosby says:

I enjoyed this more than Black Ops 3

Yung Howdy says:

Bologna or boloney??

Brady Ruth says:

If this game came out before bo3 and was just the second advanced movement game, this would be one of the most popular cod games in recent memory. The campaign was great, multiplayer was soooooo smooth, and even zombies was it's own fun mode that knew it shouldn't take itself seriously and should just be casual fun. Overall going back to this game, I'm mad I didn't play it that much. It's honestly so much more fun than I remembered.

ISNLUI says:

The game was there for me for about 2 months after that idk I just didn’t feel it anymore some how it didn’t feel right but let me just say it was trashhhhh😂


IW for me was the worse of the good CoD games for me and that means its better than AW, WW2 and Ghosts

Noobshot says:

I dont know what ur smoking dude… scorch is the worst map ever made… apart from nuketown of course. BTW, this is by far the best cod out there.

Rishav Nath says:

I really enjoyed advance warfare , it's a good game ……

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