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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Is “Unplayable"

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Call of Duty Modern Warfare has managed to get basically everyone talking and that is exactly what Activision wants. For once, modern warfare and call of duty are in the spotlight for the right reasons.

Games VS FOOD Days Gone: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i0oQdDeTly4

GAMES VS FOOD Bethesda fire review: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wKMEGA_LGcs

Today we look at the call of duty modern warfare gameplay reactions that people that have seen it have been tossing around and what they mean.


Cleanprincegaming says:

GAMES VS FOOD Bethesda fire review: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wKMEGA_LGcs

Leon Verhagen says:

My god the left moved to extreem left its making me sick

Idiotic Bros. says:

I agree, screw IGN


Liberals ruining games

XxRaWxBOSSxX Gaming says:

That's awesome. I can't wait to suddenly jump into a situation right off the bat to start a mission and my heart drops to my stomach immediately. Can't wait for that.

Ajukes 3132 says:

good for activision, developers shouldn't crumble under the weight of games journalists

ItsSilentghost _ says:

Dude awesome Tokyo ghoul jacket! Really love the series

Jack Handy says:

Your microphone shaking is driving me fucking crazy.

tomas lopez says:

Don’t fuck up cod be BASED FOH

tomas lopez says:

No bitch shit

T-H-E-Suspect says:

fuk ign and fuk all them people that says not good game your not gonna play it so shut the fuck up and fuk off

delna yelan says:

Don't be confused. You like good games.

delna yelan says:

"Uncomfortable"? Take the fucking cup of soy out of your ass ign!!!!

delna yelan says:


Chico Dust-E says:

Was this video before or after they won multiplayer game of the year? 😂

Ben Barker says:

I 100% agree with this guy. I just subscribed.

Not Elon says:

They should put back everything they have taken out, you can't cover your eyes to the real world. People have, and are, living through pain unimaginable to 1st worlders like us. If you don't open your eyes, how can you see to pick your brother up.

DGK201 says:

Fuck censorship. I will be buying!

Ps3crazy23 says:

If journalist hate it, then I KNOW it’s gonna be good. They are going back to their old ways. Lock up and load in bois, we are gonna be in for a wild ride

Mr. Bilver says:

They could listen to the people who won’t buy the game or listen to the people who are actually gonna buy it and I’m hoping that this is the redemption of cod because this looks fucking epic

ben wieker says:

Activision keep it like it was a real call of duty the first good one since MW3!!!! These damn socialist Communist are ruining everything. Let the call of duty community have what they want. Democratic socialist Communist keep your damn opinions to yourself don't buy the game if you don't want to play it.

Bruce G says:

This game is to violent for all these snowflakes ❄!!!!

Reckless Treecko says:

Bruh I hate to quote Scott Wozniak(actually I don’t) but WE NEED TO ENLARGE THE RATING LABEL ON THE BOX!…..it’s for the kids

Corpse says:

You are using your brain, that is the difference

Darth einhorn1 says:

I will preorder the fuck out of this

XANDER says:

These journalist need to be thrown in the corps

K says:

Yea it sounds to me like the journalist are nothing but a bunch of cry baby punk bitches.

Chris Dixon says:

who said "war is Hell" I think it was Patton, not sure…

Chris Dixon says:

i did say you are right?

Chris Dixon says:


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