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Cell Phone Repair in China

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MovilOne has “used” the trip to China to perform a deeper search in workshops and mobile repair shops and teach this information to all our followers You want to see how they repair, as have repair shops in China and what accessories there are in the sale in different markets of Guangzhou and Shenzhen ?!
Look at this video 🙂

 From these places are sent by Aliexpres, every day, tools, accessories and free phones to everyone.
 We have traveled to China to know different qualities, how they repair and what tools are used by technicians specialized in mobile phone repair.

We were in the three big cities: Hong Kong, Shenzhen and Canton to find reliable suppliers of mobile accessories and quality spare parts for phones because our company, MovilOne will always be Committed to Quality.

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Mobile service says:

9566775078 my number pls call me

technical kamlesh says:

Mera number 9631361152

technical kamlesh says:

Please address bro

andrea barrilà says:

Great video!! I just ask you if you from Hong Kong/shenzhen or whatever city could you buy and bring with you some of those spar parts/cellphone or machine. Thank you 🙂

hipupipi sakula says:

To see my reaction click on this: https://youtu.be/fpFhEbS5bLI

SK Mobile solution says:

Nice video…..👌👌👌

Rahul Yaduvanshi says:

Apka whatspp number chahiye

juliofcho says:

si eres Español deberias defender el idioma..!

Hector Disla says:

Amazing video 👍

Adolfo Alvarez says:

Como traer herramientas hasta mi pais ecuador. alguna info a este correo adolfoalvarez@gmail.com

FIX Genius UK says:

most memory cards are fake as $hit. Dont buy

Snixon Alcalinela says:

Wow Awesome, nice video man !!

Julkifli says:

hi bro…can i have your whatapps no? i would like to ask exactly the shop location. so i can travel the exactly location…thanks

Todor Nikolov says:

I'm sitting on my desk and I'm feeling like kid in pastry shop.. 🙂 🙂

Андрей says:

Тонны бесполезного дешевого гавна :))))

shaik subhani says:

Good but how to buy……

mouscool gbane says:

Nice bro vidéo sir thks … Pls u WhatsApp Im do phone also… Thk

bigii biggi says:

Where is this place?

I Care mobile Technology says:

how much price of micro scope

Danny 小丹 Huang says:

Sorry ,I can't find your number ,please add me , I am interesting in this machine ,whatsapp :+8613620933457 wechat : 18588239351

Raghu Tk says:

Water damage problems salvation tell me please

Danny 小丹 Huang says:

I can't find your number ,please add me ,Whatsapp : +8613620933457 wechat :18588239351


Hello brother can you please tell me where is this market in China. Am wana go there I have repair business

arthur Junior says:

Without a microscope, it's great!

Hongzhun Paige Gong says:

haha, i saw our machine , AK pro. my wechat is peipei12151314, my whatsapp number is +86 18696141215

Entertainment Club says:

Hi , how are you you .
Your video is so nice . I also decide to visit china mobile market . Plz tell me the name of biggest mobile market … plzzz

Naresh G says:

pls give me address bro, i am from india (bangalore) , i have also cell phone repair and accessiories shop, i want to go to china.

rahul singla says:

which shop for purchasing spare parts/repair the phoes you recommend some reputed shops

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