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Computer Power Supply Repair – DEAD bad capacitor No / Flashing Green Light

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How to spot a bad power supply and how to fix it. This one has a Flashing / Blinking Green Light HP P/N. 5188-2622 BESTEC ATX-250-12zZ REV.:D6R
Repair a dead computer.


swifterik says:

I’m converting a really old power supply to bench power supply, and the
caps are really bulged. It’s been used for about 10 years quite a lot, so
I’m not surprised that I found something like this. I haven’t tested if the
power supply works yet, but should I replace them immediately or just be
cool with it, as long as it works.

TheKennylight says:

Thats the worst soldering ive ever seen!?

bazrazin1 says:

I have a cooler master 500w amps for my PC, since winter started the PC
abruptly restarts /monitor goes to stand by in the first 10 min, but after
1 hr everything works fine, so today I changed the smps , so far the PC
working normally,what could be faulty in the cooler master,it ‘s expensive

MC donald says:

Hi. My computer ASPIRE AX3475-ER30P suddenly shut down and beeps
continuously, I know power supply might be the problem. How should I fix it
before buying a new one? ?

EndUser2090 says:

Wow, can’t believe this PSU needs new caps… the computer doesnt look that
old. Congrats and thanx for the upload.?

wewillrockyou1986 says:

Them crapXons…?

homemadevideos1794 says:

just remember… if you’re watching this video, you should still buy a new
power supply. even if you manage to fix the problem, you’re putting the
rest of your PC components at risk. use the fixed one as a backup for your
new one, or do whatever you want with it, but power supplies are very

Maxx says:

Thanks for this video! I had to change 3 capacitors and it works.

I HAVE A QUESTION: what made the capacitors fail? Is it their own age or
other components have made them burn? ?

MC donald says:

Hi. My computer ASPIRE AX3475-ER30P suddenly shut down and beeps
continuously, I know power supply might be the problem. How should I fix it
before buying a new one? ?

TheSoulripper6 says:

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really matter as well.The Name Brand one’s the one that power our home made
pc’s that have awesome gpu’s,ram,cpu’s as well. dell,hp & so on are ok but
pc we as builders actually love.Seasonic,Corsair,Thermaltake,EVGA……..
This Power suppliers to pc’s & all other brands are worth the money. TY for

Jeff Smith says:

good, but you really need solder wick?

saurabh mahaur says:

well mine does not blink sir but my computer restart several time when it
is idle after 15-30 min , what to do ???? +HillBrosTech , with every
formatting sometimes there are no issues sometime there are :-(?

MechaShredZilla says:

My PSU is ticking constantly all of a sudden, should I have my PC off and
not be using it until I can find a fix or even get a new one??

DarkDarion says:

Compac pc??

Dinamo Gallegos says:

I like this vĂ­deo thank you.?

Cees Borger says:

Thanks, I found 2 faulty capacitors and replacing them fixt the problem.?

Steven Tyler says:

I used this video as reference before trying to fix my power supplies… I
had 2 of them that were broken, found a bulging capacitor on the one but
couldn’t find out what was wrong with the other, so I took a capacitor from
the one that happened to be the same and replaced the bulged one. So from
2 broken power supplies I came out with 1 good one!?

Cube Computer Channel says:

Nice video! Just FYI, you can use a 6.3V 2200uF cap as a replacement for
the bulging capacitor next to the heatsink. This capacitor is part of the
5VSB circuit and when it fails, it shorts out, causing the 5VSB circuit to
“blink” seeing this power supply uses an I/C regulated/protected 5VSB rail.
Try to use a 105C capacitor for the capacitor next to the heatsink because
it’s commonly the heat that makes the original cap fail, plus CapXon and
Teapo are horrible capacitors to begin with. I’ve repaired so many of these
Bestec ATX-250-12Z units, I’ve lost count, lol.?

WIFI says:

that blinking light isnt programmed to do that if it detects a problem at
least i think
my granparents direc tv box has bad psu capacitors and when you plug it in
it sends pulses to the power light every 2 seconds
if you connect it to a tv you can make out the channel program search for
a millisecond only when it flashes
nice video btw?

Renato Rodriguez says:

thanks bro this helped a lot ?

Ramy Haddad says:

Thanks for the video, am having the same issue, but actually i cannot find
the bad capacitor, any hints??

Zeldagigafan says:

When replacing capacitors, make sure you install it correctly otherwise you
risk damaging it.?

kenny gaia says:

I have the same pc with the same problem LOL!?

ryan vaughan says:

omg lol ?

Grimmy Mark says:

try thinner solder & also try an old trick of clamping the Iron giving u a
free hand?

mikehughesdesigns says:

Dang! Got any thicker solder??

GeckonCZ says:

CrapXon… of course?

Thusara D says:

Nice job. Had a similar capacitor issue in a LED monitor. Replaced it and
hey presto, working monitor again. $3 for 10 caps from ebay, with free

Jeremy Zuther says:

great video bro-ski. thanks?

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