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Computer Repair: An Old Dell.

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Join me as I struggle with lighting, camera focus, and the microphone while repairing a Dell Dimension 4700.


Rogue Antilles says:

If your goal is to recover photos, pull the drive, and put it in a external enclosure, or a known good system and clone it before you do anything else. Once the drive is cloned, you can recover the photos from the cloned drive and you would save yourself about a few hours of time.

Andron MacBeton says:

Only an old Hirens will work under 1Gb of RAM. And those are the one I prefer.
Stick 2Gb of RAM and an SSD in it and it will serve you for 10 more years.

Viktor Sundström says:

I laughed so hard when you just punched the computer so the dvd drive popped out.

Eeyee Lee says:

My 4700 with identical configration still works well, apart from the unbearably noisy fan. And that dvd-drive-won't-spin-up-during-booting problem bothers me as well. Instead of beating it, I found out that unfolding the top five categories in the bios then going back to "Boot Sequence" and exiting would usually solve it. Maybe I should try your way next time XD. My computer hates me anyhow.
It seems that dell removed their stored sevice tags of some old models this year, I tried my tag and got the same message.
X300SE was a pretty pointless card when it was new and now without hardware video decoding function, it's utterly useless, when compared to it's successor like X1300 or even 7200GS which is a worse card in regard to 3d performance but can accelerate video frame rate to an acceptable level, Quite useful when paired to an old CPU like P4 and watching youtube videos.

Zen4real fight man says:

Who would want to run vista

Zen4real fight man says:

And it was 10 years old when I got it

Zen4real fight man says:

I had a computer pretty similar to this one the cmos battery was died but a side from that it worked like brand new

CrazyHobo says:

Yay uploadè

Larethian God says:

Pretty interesting to watch even though I have no tech skills

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