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Computer Repair Scam

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Computer Repair Scam

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It seems that the good old pop up scam which tells you your computer is infected has hit the UK, a couple of companies have been caught using the fake pop up from Microsoft and getting you to call the number onscreen, the number is of course the so called pc repair shop, which then proceed to tell you, you’re computer is infected and needs repair. It is then they will try and take control of your computer and then bill you large some of money to fix the issue which never existed in first place.

Don’t fall for these types of scams.

1. Check the website for pricing
2. Check the feed back from previous customers
3. Ask for a quote
4. Get more than one quote
5. Don’t call toll free number
6. Don’t let anyone take control of your computer
7. Don’t send any money
8. Get a second opinion
9. Not sure? ask for free tech advise on a forum
10. Remember will not contact you by a popup or any other way. These are Fake Microsoft Support Scam
and Fake Tech Support Scam

I will leave a link here for you to read up on how these scams work and other scams

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Britec09 says:


T H A N K Y O U F O R W A T C H I N G !

P L E A S E L I K E A N D S U B S C R I B E !


The Great Anonymous says:

Thank you so much for sharing< I live in saudi arabia, and I got in to similar situation, and don't get me wrong nothing against indians or anybody, but unfortunately I was dealing with a bunch on my email when accidently pressed on a link that opens my web browser and freezes it, I called because I'm stupid but really thought it was microsoft, but the guy said a lot of things that wasn't adding up he was trying to guide me to visit a wed site but my browser was still anyway, so I played along with all the over a sudden love and caring about my pc, then I slam the phone and unplugged the internet cable and force restarted my computer , then i did some scan and everything was okay, but again thank you for exposing these horrible individuales.

sunil Kumar das says:

It's not like In India there are no rules or something like that! The thing is there are lot of scammers and India is also a very vast country! Anyway,Any reported scam are generally addressed here. I'm pretty sure, Anywhere in this world these scammers are there though density differs!

EastAngliaUK says:

At least I know how to format or restore friends computers to rid of crap.

Genna Ross says:

WHAT ? You mean to tell me that "windows security" didn't actually get a notification from my computer running Linux that my computer was infected ?

Eagle Ales says:

ya, it's happened all over, but little common sense use and you save time and money, for me, I am a pc repairman and I have a small shop, work well. learn more thanks, Brian.

Lesnoy Mushchina says:

Best solution is to not get involved with Microsoft software in first place. There are excellent fyodora and debian lainices available for free. (ubuntu is a debian.)
If you run a lainux multi-user, no one can prevent you shutting a browser. Root can be logged in at same time as the user who is scammed. Root can shut down any running process being used by root or user.

Charles E Bright says:

I'm from the United States and I feel education is key to stopping them. ISP's need to help in that process. Also ethical hackers should destroy their networks. Once they become restless they'll stop. That's how these scams could be stopped. Google, Apple and Microsoft should also help in that education process as well.

David White says:

lots of this stuff everywhere Brian, so not new to me m8. thx anyway

David Price says:

What a bunch of lowlife scumbags, 'fix a computer' I wouldn't let em fix a wheelbarrow. Stupid but cunning
fucking Indians. More than 1/2 the pop. of India crap in the streets. Muslims even worse, I believe software
developers should not be providing arabic language support for applications etc.. (by law) Anyone agree with
this ? It gives the arsholes communications they would not normally have ! Average muslim IQ is 70, how will
they benefit a country ??? Deport Khan.. just run him off FFS..

manutor says:

Got my identity ports activated. Watch out everyone!

DavyBoy007 says:

Very informative

1967 kID says:

I don't understand how people fall for this when I got Into computers in 1997 I dint know how to read or Wright and I'm still not perfect but from 1997 I got a Compaq Presario 5170 and in 6 months I was building a new computer my self no help yes I was reinstalling windows 98 like every 2 weeks until I learned more I have fix build over 500 computers.

Oliver Chapman says:

I've shared this on my Facebook. a lot of elderly people would fall for this type of scam.

Only today I helped an elderly relative who would have probably paid these types of scams.

Great work Brian 👍

Michael Mabajhac says:

Those pop ups are so easy to stop and fix and in oz. We get shitloads of this and also curry munches ringing home to tell you your internet is infected but it's easy to tell them to fuck off and get a real job but dumb cunts are around us everywhere so it will never stop

Michael Mabajhac says:

Anybody that gets scammed like this should pack there computer back in the box and not use it as they don't have the brains to use a computer and don't deserve to own one

Simon -Liverton Central says:

Excellent video, what a load of crap the two companies have used. As a Computer and Network Engineer I feel so sorry when I hear about people being taken advantage of by arseh@#~s like these. These two companies, I use the term companies loosely, should be reported to Trading Standards…Simon

john hammond says:

thanks' britec09 for the helpful information I have had pop-up like that I could not close my browser had to shut down my computer using my power button luckily my browser went back to normal after I run a Trojan virus scanner and a mulware scanner then I run a browser reseted all was OK after

TimsComputerRepair says:

Sad that these crooks are still thriving!

Derek Coster says:

This company has been discussed on the Tech For Techs group on Facebook. The people behind UK Cyber Experts Ltd are pretty brazen about it..

Abhishek Roy says:

Great post . Thanks Brian .

The Internet has been in public use for many a years now . And people — the average users — till date don't know jack about cyber security . Fact is they are busy with e-shopping , p0rn and social networking . As long as they don't block 3rd party cookies , trackers , ads using a simple functional HOSTS and some browser add-ons ; nothing will change . Breaks my heart — really .

timon string says:

Thx but I don't think you did a great job of explaining the scam and how to avoid it – how do these pop-up bogus virus alerts appear on your computer in the first place, and what should you do – just ignore them? why would anyone want online help from a company they never heard of ?

Sid Cannon says:

I have a relative who was in the middle of having this sort of thing done to her, when her husband called her on her mobile, and as soon as he found out what was going on, he told her to immediately hang up the landline and turn the PC off. He then contacted me and I said because they've had remote access to the PC, his best bet is to wipe it and start again, and because I had set this machine up in the first place, I had an Acronis image of it, so it turned out not to be as bad as it could have been. Luckily she hung up before she gave them any card details.

TURnKEYiNK says:

Wow. A 300 lbs Laptop!! That’s just Crazy.

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