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Diagnose and Repair Broken Computer / PC – LIVE

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Bryan de Paepe says:

When I was working as a tech in a plastics factory there were various training courses we had to attend one of which was troubleshooting and they said that only when you can reproduce the failure at will can you be reasonably sure that you have found the root cause of said failure.

Rusty Pietrzak says:

Great teacher!

peter cowling says:

Love watching your videos very informative

No poe says:

goodboy carey

Ariel Vargas says:

Hi, Mr. Holzman! I really enjoy your videos. I like that you keep it simple and real. Also you're a funny guy 😁

Martin S. says:

A bad reset-switch… x_x wow! Just goes to show just how enormously dependant on experience being a tech is. The more you see, experience the more "possibility" comes to mind as regards to what the problem source can be.

This is such a starling example of just how bloated and dishonest the IT industry has become. Is it any wonder at all that we as techs often find ourselves facing scrutiny when we present the unfortunate Customer's with the bill of how much it at times can cost to fix a computer?

When tech's don't do their job properly and strive to exhaust and exploit any and all failure points in a computer system, this profoundly unfortunate expenditure for Bill occurs. Personally, I am so disappointed in the treatment Bill has been receiving (by the initial tech he went to, etc), and all I can say is that it is a good thing that there are HONEST TECHS in the world the likes of you, Carey. Thank you for being as you are and who you are, because this is a blatant example of WHY this is obviously needed.

And Bill; happy be-late birthday. Glad to see you got your rig fixed!

baruk kuzdul says:

I love real.


Awesomeness , too cool. Thank you, excellent, channel, everything perfect, wow, buddy!

Komkwam says:

It allways annoyes me how, after all these years, pc case and motherboard manufacturers stil never came/come up with a better solution for those tiny frontpanel pins/connectors. Why not make a normal standarized plug which can be easely plugged in.

Bert Nijhof says:

I even did not believe my fellow technicians, if they described the problem and asked for help. You really have to recheck everything, because they might have overlooked something. Often I did find the problem this way and proved that my colleague possibly had taken some small unintended shortcut somewhere.
Probably the repair-shop disconnected everything except the switches from the motherboard and came to the conclusion, it must be the motherboard. An understandable, small shortcut, that will not cause problems 1000 times, but this one time it caused their complete failure with the repair.

Rob Symonds says:

$10.00 for a new from port switch panel and he is good

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