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Exclusive: Android’s last chance to fix messages

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Google is finally going to fix the messaging mess on Android. In this bonus episode of Processor, Dieter Bohn exclusively explains how Hangouts and Allo are getting replaced. Subscribe: https://goo.gl/G5RXGs

Processor is a weekly YouTube show that takes a deeper look at how consumer technology is changing and how we should think about our gadgets as people, not just as users.

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The Verge says:

What texting / chat app do you use right now? Do you think this new Chat system will be an upgrade? — Dieter

KG ajjahn hutchinson-baldwin says:

What the hell is signal?

deleted says:

Goggle will track us , so it's no from me.

Mohammad Abboud says:

Outside the US, Whatsapp is the standard app for messaging!

Hideika says:

Google failed to make a solid and permanent messages app, they had years to make an iMessage similar app for all android phones to come pre loaded with it but still can’t manage to make it right

Clark Kent says:

yeah I won't use that

Cashin says:

While iOS is getting devices that perform better then some computers, Android is trying to fix messages app.

Mateo Gonzalez says:

I'm the only who uses Hangout?

Dominik Butkovic says:

Does it uses data//wifi like imsng? Cos sending photos and videos via sms is like expensive.

Jatz Cracker says:

It's amazing just don't like baby blue colour

Timothy L says:

I hope to god this works. I've been wanting to switch to Android for a while now, but iMessage has been forcing me to carry 2 phones around…

Abdullah S says:

Google like to complicate things .. for messaging app all what have to do are one thing just allow you to make Google allo as default sms messaging app .. then it will be like Apple's iMessges or to merge Google allo and Google duo to be like Facebook's messenger app and alwo you to choose it as default SMS messaging app .. REALLY I CAN'T UNDERSTAND WHAT I MAKE THINGS COMPLICATED

Tamrelax says:

It's about to be 2019 and still waiting

TostiTostelli says:

who needs this. texts are outdated and have a cap on how many you can send. we have whatsapp for messaging, which uses data instead of texts.

Detail Digs says:

switched over from apple to Pixel, and the ONLY downside is group messaging. Excited to try the improvements, BUT, If it doesn't mesh well with iMessage (or apple doesn't support RCS) it will be another flop! My Pixel takes amazing videos, etc but when I share them with friends in a group message it compresses them to pre-moto-razr quality. The whole Google "create a link" or "shared album" is complicated.

Malcolm H says:

I don't see "Chat" app in google store and it's now late Dec 2018. I only know of Google Messages app for sms texting (besides hangouts, WhatsApp, kik, etc) Google Messages is only ok. I mean, why not just make a texting/messaging app actually work?! …and work well?! I'm trying the Pixelbook and Google Messages app is on it as well as my Pixel phone, however, it hardly works. It CONTINUALLY is re-connecting on the Pixelbook and often struggles to re-connect and circles the drain trying just gets into a not connected status and MIGHT re-connect and if so sometimes take a WHILE. At this point, I just want things to flow and work and I'm getting to the point where I might ditch Google and move to iPhone.. which would be reluctantly but some of my friends who have say things "just work" and THAT'S what I want. I mean, Google products/cell phones/Pixelbook, are getting expensive and, if paying high-end price, I want something that WORKS ! !

David Brown says:

Really don't understand. Hangouts could tie in SMS, video, groups, integration with Fi, etc. and yet they didn't update it even though it supported virtually everything.

Am I going to settle for another segmented app with NO ENCRYPTION?

No. I am not. I'll going to establish myself on WhatsApp and take my losses on the missing features. And I'm happy to move on.

D Roberts says:

And… where is this update…?

LDiableo says:

Umm where is this chat it's already 2019

David Castle says:

I don't even know what whatsapp is. No one I know uses it. I do like Duo a lot and tried allo but no one else wanted to use it lol. But pple use duo

mohammed rahman says:

any updates with googles messaging app called google messages

Evan Eaton says:

8 months later…

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