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Fighting Games – A Genre that Keeps Struggling

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Fighting Games – A Genre that Keeps Struggling

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Noot says:

I really want to love fighting games but man if your a newb or decent its downright annoying. Dont get me wrong i can take an L.but after losing match after match it becomes so frustrating and unfun. Its only fun when you and a friend are somewhat at the same level and can have a balanced fight

sinacide11 says:

I love street fighter but street fighter 5 is the stingiest game I’ve ever experienced. Different character colors and music is unlock-able via micro transactions. Not to mention they slap ads on character costumes. Pretty low.

Corycogo says:

Easy fatalities don't actually affect gameplay in any way whatsoever

Rush says:

And then you got Smash Bros…
Appeals to casuals
Appeals to competitive players (Minus Melee Fans)

Jeremy Dixon says:

Foh KOF 14 was great. Looked like PS2 graphics? Stop exaggerating.

Chet Barnett says:

Fighting games are good capcom just needs to stop making stupid decisions.
Fighting games, please become more popular you are the best game genre

brent makowski says:

Super Smash Bros Ultimate: Hold my Beer
Fighting games, please become more popular you are the best game genre
would love to see Bloody Roar make a come back

Retro_WrathX13 says:

9:20 no longer an excuse. It's on steam. You gotta pay for it, but all characters are unlocked

Retro_WrathX13 says:

"I don't like fighting games"
Me: Lp, lp, f, lk, hp. RIKUDO OSATSU

Haywired says:

Street Fighter 2 was a lot more accessible and easy to learn, hence why it had such mainstream success. A playable roster of 8 characters (then 12 for Turbo and 16 for Super), each with only 2 or 3 special moves to learn. It was very simple, streamlined and straightforward. Nowadays it seems like the average fighting game will have a far more bloated roster of maybe 30+ characters and each character probably now has more like 6 or 7 special moves to learn (some of which will have far more complex inputs than anything in SF2). On top of that you add layers of complicated systems and mechanics that have built up over the years and it's no wonder that they're not very accessible to casual players/newcomers anymore.

Parsa Rathernotsay says:

Looking at 2019 with Smash Ultimate and MK11, I think we'll be fine.

MrJ says:

Fighting games can never be fixed cause it was the fans that ruined it in the first place

Zo P says:

What happened to spending 60 bucks getting ALL the characters and enjoying one's self….nowadays there are no cheat codes just time consuming bullshyt that ppl with lives and jobs will NEVER have time to finish leaving you with only the shitty characters….smh

You're breathtaking says:

Except for mortal kombat, injustice or smash bros

Bobby Grey says:

Only if they had an optional setting for untalented gamers to manipulate the characters they adore in a superior way to beat the shit out of the ones we loathe as a venting machine. Otherwise nobody is willing to pay for any crap or even play it for free to get pissed off.

Michael Willman says:

Th e fuck did you even mention the windows store

TheMage 101 says:

guys please play Guilty gear we need more players here😢😢😢😭😭😭

HonorYourSystem says:

Smash is not a fighting game.

Ryan Gonder says:

The price ism right losing horn the best

Sammy Thijs says:

The majority just wants to feel rewarded immediately and not spend a lot of time being bad at something. I love fighting games and the first thing I actually learned was losing. If u are bodying the opponent 20-0 you're probably not learning much and could even ingrain bad habits playing a player way below your lvl. On the other hand, playing someone you just don't stand a chance against is not good either.
Small steps are key.

the unknown guy says:

Who remember street fighter vs tekken who wait for a new one?

the unknown guy says:

Killer instinct was a great game i want a new one

NGClayton says:

Nowadays it's having a resurgence

Ashley Johansson says:

Fighting games use to be fun when I was 12 but now, I feel like fighting games has never changed since 2001 and the only thing that improved was the graphics. Fighting games today should cost no more than 20 dollars, I recently tried the latest soul calibur and it got boring after 2 matches. Totally going to pirate the next mortal kombat because im only going to be playing a single match before deleting it forever.

Shirona ? says:

I think the vast majority of FGC believe it would be awesome if fighting games got more popular and seen in a better light. The more people love it, the better.

BUT if that "mainstream" comes at the cost of the core fighting game experience that we've come to know and love, fuck that, I'd rather it stay niche / grassroots / "struggling" forever.

WarlordSquerk says:

"upset hardcore fans".. everything upsets hard core fans. Especially if your game is not insanely difficult enough to alienate almost everyone else. I typically avoid fighting game community discussions like the plague they are. No point trying to make someone who can't understand how difficult it is to do a dragon punch for the first time or anything like combos or links or whatever to realize what they take for granted.

Sapiens Strength says:

1) Single Player Content. I don’t want to go online , I want to play a compelling story mode. 2) stop with all the misc menu and load screens. I just got SFV , and was excited to get back into the franchise, but it’s like 3min of various screens between rounds of “points, fly here, option this, option that, blah, blah” , I don’t have the patience for that, get to the point 3) stop with the micro transactions. Build a good game from the get go, and one price

forgetfulfunctor1 says:


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