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Fix Black Screen issue for any Samsung Galaxy or other Android

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Fix the Black screen issue for any Samsung Galaxy or other Android device with removable or Non-removable battery. So if your display is black or blank and you can hear texts and phone calls but nothing on screen with notification LED flashing and capacitive buttons lighting up this is the fix for you. Also display may become unresponsive with this issue. This fix can work for Galaxy S1,S2,S3,S4,S5,S6,S7 and newer devices,Note 1,Note 2,Note 3,Note 4,Note 5,Note 7 and newer phones, including Edge and plus versions in the Note and S line. Also be aware that while this happens to Samsung devices allot that this can also work in devices outside the S line as long as its a Samsung and other devices like LG, HTC and so on that run Android.

Devices with Removable Battery: 1:05
Devices with Non-Removable Battery: 3:40

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Log esh says:

Please update in Tamil Samsung Galaxy j7

mack says:

I tried this but the screen is still black. phone buzzes, dings when a message or email is sent to the phone, the buttons at the bottom work yet the screen is black im thinking the phone has some kind of internal damage that just removing the battery and sim card cant fix.

Patti L says:

Thank you!!! So much turning off the power & then back on solved the problem. I only have this problem with YouTube so I wonder if it’s a glitch in my iPhone 9 x??? But it’s happening with all phones apparently. People don’t give up hope! Follow this generous mans instructions & , sometimes over & over it will eventually work for you too! Love & Blessings to you All! 🤚👍😀👋💕

Charece Sims says:

I have the S7, have tried everything for the black screen issue. It still rings, has led lights, even my alarm goes off, which is irritating because I can't dismiss it. But the screen is black. Any advice?

Yogita Tailor says:

I have a galaxy 3 i did many times but it's did not worke.

Mark Kahura says:

Yo thanks so much it actually worked..

tormi post says:


Md Shamsheer says:

Lenovo k6 power m nhi ho rha kaise kre

dolfijn gamer says:

it does not work on my samsung galaxy j3 2016

Fred Greene says:

Wow… incredible – it did work !… Black Screen (except for notifications) on my S5. After emptying cache in recovery mode (didn't change a thing) and trying to access Safe Mode (unable to get there), this the simplest of methods, actually solved it… coincidence? In any case thanks 🙂

the boy says:

Can I perform this on my lyf wind 7?


mine is techno W3 but it has failed it doesnt even vibrate

Eladia Naylor says:

Thank you very much. Your tutorial worked for me!!!

The Everthing says:

This worked for my s6 problem of black screen and led light. thank you

Elayna Stallworth says:

Thank u so much 💕❤️💕❤️


Would it work for Samsung Galaxy J7 Core?

StaticOxnard 805 says:

You are the man thank you!

Wanda Collazo says:

My tablet feel now its have black and blue its it fixable

Wanda Collazo says:

My tablet feel now it's half black and vlue uts it fixable

Shaquille Lawrence says:

Do i need a new screen??

Ashley love Paranormal says:

I took the battery out, pressed the power button for 1 minute and started it back up while holding the power and volume up and it came back on. Thank you for your help

Catherine LOO says:

Thank you very much. It works for me.

Pretty Raindbow says:

Thank you so much

Pretty Raindbow says:

I love this video it worked yessss

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