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FixMeStick Review by a Computer Technician.

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Fix Me Stick Review by a Professional Computer Repair Technician. Can this USB stick miraculously remove all Trojans, proxies, viruses, adware, spyware, and malware as it promises? Watch to find out how it all works. Please LIKE and SUBSCRIBE! Thanks.

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maybeDOS says:

corrupted my windows files and had to reinstall windows this thing WORKS!

darren donovan says:

you people download to much junk i seen wintangent games on your screen a known maleware carrier who needs the fucking weather channel i have the local weather bookmarked to pull it up when i need it i download very few programs

Khyree Holmes says:

This PRODUCT is laughable! but they are going the right way with using Linux as a LE (live environment)
I"ve seen this video years ago.

KaZaP13-613 says:

Thank you for this vid I’m a dumass when it comes to computers. No money to waste on a fix me shit stick if it’s not going to work. I have all them things wrong with my laptop. Thanks again be safe and remember to smile there watching 👽

spiderman VS The hulk says:

Viper internet security. Is the best

allan broadfield says:

Thanks for the demo, but what an annoying voice. Someone has to live with that?

yes yes good boy says:

so, this would delete malware but get adware in return? wtf

Jack says:

Nice vid Chuck,cheeerful and brilliant,thanx

ideastoragedb says:

CCleaner and avast should be enough shouldn't it? And they are free. This looks like a gimmick. I saw HSN pumping it toward people who don't understand computers.

Robin ErwoodWatson says:

what do you mean it requires internet connection? I have a laptop and it is running on wifi so what else should be done to connect> It always says use an ethernet connection which i do not know what that even means for a laptop. I have gone back and for for over a month with fixmeNOTHING support and they will not exchange mine case it is defective and all they say it is til still find whatever is in there. So why does it say Connect to internet when i am already running programs as we speak. i think it is just a piece of junk that i paid for from HSN for 80 dollars and it has never found a thing. What is your opinion if i may so respectfully ask? ThanKs

Matt Darling says:

how is this legal to sell

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