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Fortnite Fortbyte #19 Location – Accessible with the Vega outfit inside a Spaceship building

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InTheLittleWood says:

Support a creator – inthelittlewood

pi_4n says:

وش جاب أمه ذا في الترند حقنا 😂؟

GeckoGaming🦎 says:

Thanks LittleWood, i always come here for the challenges because you just get straight into the video, thanks dude

Masker Z says:

Love Your Intro

Johnathon C says:

That big medal thing was a spaceship?!?!
Like if you didn’t know that

WeRFilmerz says:

Lmao I thought it was at the old villain base 🤦‍♂️

Oralia Perez says:


DizzleMcPsycho says:

Who else thought the fortbyte was at the villain base

M.J Bros Mobile Pro says:

Thanks little wood you help me so much

BlazedDavy says:

Can somebody help me get to 200 I need 2 subs plz 😌

Chris Slayer says:


Alop youip says:

Inthelittlewood > gattu

Freedom Live says:

Have a fun weekend!

XUpchurchFanX says:

Hello every bodddddddddiiiiiiiiiii wtf Corny

Vera Conner says:

i love this dude

Ku Dz says:

Can anyone help me with fortbyte 82 with the pressure plates puzzle?

My name is Phaze Shifu
Add me

T r i b u t e T h e G a m e r says:

Your a legend dude thanks

Anderson Chevez says:

Ur are tarsh

Tino 3x says:

hello everybodyyy

RonanPERNA LIVES says:

Oia eu aqui uai 😜

Christian Pineda says:

Pinchi voz culera

Zuwali says:

Well everyday I’ve been coming to YouTube and you keep popping up with up-to-date info. You got my subscription+likes.

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