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GeekSquad Got Caught Scamming

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TV reporters rigged up a computer failure and sent it off for computer repairs. Some honest technicians were found, and then there were those.


Nathan Watson says:

0:06 When did Mario Lopez gain weight on his face?

Marz Dizzle says:

Everybody has laptops now



Bloody Hope says:

GeekSquad Founded June 16, 1994; lol

Dickens Cider says:

I went to GeekSquad with a virus, and all they gave me was painkillers.

Jesse Cuevas says:

They tried to charge me $250 to re-install operation system in my Apple computer… While waiting about a month for it to be shipped to California and fixed. I just took it to a local computer repair shop that fixed it for $60 in 2 hours.

Allen A says:

More then a few best busy employees on here lol

Fillup 40 says:

Best buy suck s. The car stereo dept is beyond awful!

Osubuntu says:

It's not the first time the Geeksquad has been accused of robbing there customers

Pixel Wasted says:

Statements with fancy words only make me want to stay away from your business even more.

albert huerta says:

Nigga said gambino

Fizzy-YT says:

Thought that said greekgod

Raymond Holguin says:

I went to buy a stick of ram to upgrade my previous lap top and the guy said it didn;t have an extra memory slot.A year later i found out on my own their was a extra memory slot.No matter where you go their is idiots who will scam you at every Bestbuy Geeksquad.If they would of told me about upgarde my parts i would of not done on my own and the cable wouldn't of falling apart on my lap top.That is why i'm glad i'm a computer tech major.I don't need Bestbuy to do my work unless it is covered by insurance.I'm also trying to figure out why Google Chrome doesn't allow Facebook video calling to make calls.They told me it was glitch with the browser.I'm still trying to learn new facts to repair issues within the computer and software.We must prepare for these kind of problems so we don't have to take it to Bestbuy.

No LIFE says:

You can buy a new WD blue hard drive with 4TB for like $220, and not even. I’m being generous with that number.

Darth Bobalicious says:

I worked in the computer department at a BB in 1998. I had just graduated from my computer science courses a few months before. I figured it was a job until I could get a foot in the door somewhere. It was Xmas time and everyone wanted a computer. We would ask what they wanted it for, etc. They would then buy the comp. Then have to stand in line to pay for it. After they paid for it they would have to drop it off at another computer tech at the front of the store to make upgrades, download updates try to sell them warranties. I felt so bad for the customers. I knew they were getting ripped off. I quit 2 days after Xmas when I got an IT job.

Heroes Never Die says:

so how do you know there is a virus on a computer that doesnt boot up?????

Harley Me says:

your hard drive is broken.. oh by the way we found a virus on it…
apparently geek squad has some pretty stupid scammers.

I guess its kinda like those east indian scams that phone and tell you that you computer is infected with a virus…but they need access to your computer to fix the problem..
I just ask them how they know I have a virus if the dont have access to my pc in the first place… click they hangup lol

Caseymanbrodude says:

Reasons why you should try Geek Squad again.
1. commission ended years ago
2. we get paid hourly so there really isnt a huge incentive for us to rip people off.
3. we are stuck doing the job so we try and make customers happy because a happy environment is better than being yelled at.
4. every location is different so if one is awful, try another. its just like beaches. some look muddy and are hard to see in like the gulf coast, and others are crystal clear and translucent like florida. just find a place that doesnt bs you because a fair amount of mom and pop shops bs you too.

9 Year Old Cyberbully says:

That fat blonde hair bingo bitch has to live the rest of her life knowing she is poor, unloved and will die in squalor. And on top of that everyone well know she is a scammer. Really I wish they would film her in a room with a rope and watch her hang herself

Blobby Blob says:

I hope pcparanedics in inundated with work

Capronice says:

Same thing was told to me at Best Buy in 2018. It was recommended that I just buy a new computer because the computers that are five years old won't work with newer parts and equipment. My computer is still running fine problem is I don't trust many places to get it fixed.


wow can you say fishing? why would they just take it to another best buy right after taking it to one?

Andron MacBeton says:

retatrded democratized amuricans can even elect a retarded president.

FullMetalJacket says:

I am GLAD i finally found this video. I have been ripped off so many times by Geek Squad! i bought a "warranty" that was practically worthless for 150.00 from them.

Aaron Olson says:

Fuck BESTBUY!!!!!

collin huey says:

ATT does it all the time switch and bait

Brains before BS says:

Revenge of the Nerd squad

Gizmologist1 says:

Using the "Geek Squad for ANYTHING and you may take your life or those of your children in your hands. Geek squad is famous across the country for ripping people off on computer "service", but they are equally famous for being totally clueless on the PROPER and safe installation of large screen displays. I have seen, personally repaired and heard numerous circumstances where they have used TOTALLY incorrect fasteners to supposedly secure TV/monitor mounts to a wall and failed to secure the mounts to ANY stud in the wall at any attachment point on the mount.

Cheap plastic screw in anchors available at HD or other hardware stores are NOT designed to support televisions. They have also drilled into sheetrock and right through power cables and / or water lines, used lag bolts (big wood screws) only into 1/2" sheet rock and they fell out after a few hours and dropped the TV face down on the floor, destroying it. There have been several news articles about these TVs falling off a wall and even killing children.

Geek Squad personnel are not experienced or licensed contractors who are trained and certified in residential construction, basic physics involved in mounting ANYTHING properly or running power or signal cabling CORRECTLY inside walls or to follow all local codes or the National Electrical Code. This issue could well cost you in the event of a fire, water, structural, equipment warranty claims, etc.

They will also try to sell you expensive cables you do NOT need and much of what they sell is only as good as what you could have bought on line for MUCH less. They will tell you all kinds of horror stories about "signal issues" when I have yet to talk with ANY of them who can ACCURATELY explain their claims. I have been in the professional Audio Visual design, repair and presentation business for over 40 years and even though I have purchased TVs etc for family and friends, I just have to chuckle when they switch into the "cables" speech.

For your safety and sanity, find a LEGITIMATE, licensed and insured home electronics systems installer. You will likely pay more but I am sure your safety is worth it.

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