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Hellsweep Battle | Rookang vs. Qudans | TEKKEN 7 @ The Mixup 2018 | Top 32

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Rookang (Bob) vs. Qudans (Devil Jin)
TEKKEN 7 @ The Mixup 2018 | Top 32
Watch live: https://www.twitch.tv/tekken



I just started tekken so I have to watch this video on slow mo to even understand it

matt says:

I don’t like how hard this guy parties against someone like qudans. He literally went low all those times then I was like low again and he started it but got electricd out. Don’t party against this guy it’s not becoming lol

Fright F0000 says:

Those are hellsweeps so stop calling them that

John Alexander says:

8:44 hahahahaha

Victor Frankenstein says:

2:37 Rookang what a loseeer…

Khay Doria says:


OriginalDexter says:

He's finna hellsweep

Tony Tarantula says:

One can get swept to many places, including Hell…

Wanderer Grayzag says:

Most tekken pro commentators are so vapid and biased. So fucking annoying when you just wanna watch some good ass Tekken and hear the announcers popping off before the match has really even begun.

Round says:

Bob’s hell sweep has no launcher but is launch punishable. Wth…

Johan says:

Lol that UK dude suck

Mainak Bhattacharya says:

Anybody else thinks Rip and SpaghettiRip look similar?? I swear that I thought it was Rip with Steve at first

Kj_mast_er says:

i've been watching tekken for a while now, but this match is something else XSD

Kyle Gomez says:

He fights like a genin with those sweeps..

Zooneeland says:

Rookang : no u!
Qudans : no u!
Rookang : NO U!

Norman Zhane Rosas says:

I think the advantage of the asian player is he is using an arcade controller.

C Brown says:

Hella hellsweeps

C Brown says:

Steve is the A1 commentator

Collector Mr says:

i hate the fat guy, he used only one skill all time

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