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How an ultra sonic cleaner works for water damage cell phone repair

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How an ultra sonic cleaner works for water damage repairs in the cell phone repair industry

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To Kol says:

fumes coming out of machine when heating up is it normal? stinks like burning rubber or plastic. is it normal?

david lomas says:

That is a very high success rate, any particular name or model on this cleaner, Good job..

Hawaiisidecar says:

I just bought the 2 liter version of this exact machine. So you would say it has a good success rate?

Emre Engin says:

Thanks for the video. May I ask if you ultrasonic cleaned something like a Samsung S4 LCD digitizer assembly? I have one that is water damaged.  Digitizer doesn't work for part of the screen. I manually cleaned the connectors and I am suspecting corrosion in the digitizer connector which remains under the front housing frame and is inaccessible. I am wondering if ultrasonic cleaning would damage the LCD panel, which is supposed to have liquid crystals inside delicate pixel assemblies.

kevin Marquess says:

HAHA I searched unltrasonic water damage and your video came up! Im in cell phone repair with you. lol im trying your method that you posted to me right now

retiredsearge says:

If you reflow the board after the cleaning your success rate will be higher.

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