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How to Fix Accessibility VoiceOver Problem iPad, iPhone

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My mother is blind and she uses an iPad for listening to internet radio. Every few months I need to upgrade her iPad to new iOS version or change settings I could not turn off the voice over functionality. Let me show you the problem. To fix this issue go to Settings then General section then go to Accessibility Shortcut
Click on the Voice over If you go back and trying to turn off the voice over the problem still exist. Now triple click on the home button. By doing so you will toggle the voice over function on and off. This seems to be a program bug which Apple development team should look into this issue.
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Paul Novotny says:

My voice over comes on a lot on iPad can it be shut off permanent ?

Maddie Loves the Norris nuts says:

U saved my life I done this at my school and I done it on my school iPad and my iPad is broke lol the computer teacher had to come in and fix it I don't know if it's fixed or not

Iyad Ensem says:

Tq for this

Andy Boss gaming says:

My I pad does that also it keeps turning off every second any tips

Afrokking says:

Thank you Jesus🙏

Tiyandza Tibusiso Dlamini says:

Thank you sooooo much I WAS ADOUT TO MY IPAD 😂

m says:

Thankyou sososos much!❤

Michelle Welsh says:

ThAnk You Tim!! Sooowah Helpful!!!

Antz Artz says:

All you have to is spam touching the off thing ._.

Luigi And Yoshi says:

Ez i tell to siri to turn off it

charly garay says:

very helpful

RROKNG1RRLL99 SueAnn says:

OMG!!! This is crazy! I got the voice over off, except it keeps saying what I am typing and I cannot figure out how to stop this witch and driving me nuts! Any tips on this thing would be greatly appreciated!!!


Sir i cant open password like you had no password in starting how to fix then?

CrazySharkGaming says:

My iPad screen is completely black but all I can hear is voice over. Also the fact I have invert colors on and switch control PLEASE HELP

Thedarktower Cometh says:

Big help.. Thank you

badil TV says:

thank you so much .

Janet Tamang says:

It really worked thank you

Kaley Merritt says:

Thanks you for for for all your help bro

Ravi Rathod says:

thank you very much… it was very helpful

Tammy McCann says:

Thank you – your video was a HUGE help!

Vigel International play boy says:

Thanks you so much

sarne liaty says:

thank you men i been waiting for like 1 month and this video help me so i live a like and subcribe to your channel

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