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How to fix android touch screen problem

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Wolf Dog says:

hey he is telling to use the charge of the lighter where the touch hppen

Jax Biebs says:

Is this working to other cellphone brands?

adem kocaoglu says:

senin ben allahına kurban kardes kafayı yicektim az daha 🙂

Destiny Calls says:

What was that he was holding other than the phoneat 3:30???

Fayaz Khan says:

hi everyone. my cellphone have a same problem but I can't use calculator method because my cellphone has damaged from lower side/lower portion..
so how can I fix this problem?
anyone plz help

September King says:

Bro… You are genius😘

A pigeon says:

How the heck did you do that with your calculator?

Dhenzel Hadap says:

Buringot it kamot. kwkwakwaka

Arman Slathia says:

bro Kuch solution btao

Arman Slathia says:

this code is not working

Dirk Diggler says:

This is bad

Anshu Joshi says:

Bro this is temporary solution

Arturo Bolivar says:

Thanks working good job

jitendra kumar kushwaha says:

Fake video hAi

Lol Phoenix Gaming says:

Wow clickbaiting

Keaton Buster says:

if gonna make a video thats a close up of your hands.  Cut your dam nails.  Its bad enough they look like never seen a day of real work in their life.  then to add im lazy and fem to the equation.  But if havent gotten laid in forever,  im told a lot of womens go to.  Look at a man's hands to see if got a Man or just a lil boy still..


Hey,I dont . What program.

Tech_HD says:

Nice way to make us fool u fool

Sarath Raj says:

Tried not working…Don't waste time

muh yaseee says:

my grandpa punch me on the face for stealing his cigarette lighter!! nd remove that godamn spark….fuk it hurts😫😫😫

ADARSH Dileep says:

Tq manh….Saved ma time…My touch is fixed

Custom Art says:

.12345 + = wrong format! I have a samsung galaxy 5 this does not work.

sydmichel says:

Nothing worse than silent movies. Thumbs down.

Sarlongki Singnar says:

Thank you boss😆

erwin taruna says:

Thanks brooo

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