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How to Fix Clean Iphone Charging Port

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Is your phone not charging, charging very slowly, has a loose charger, or the charging cable falls out? If you’re experiencing any of these problems, don’t immediately assume your phone battery or USB charging port is broken. This simple and quick trick should be your first option before heading to the repair shop and spending money unnecessarily.

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vacariu Lavinius says:

well i buying an iphone 5s charger without dust

spike snipes says:

Nothing is in my charging port and I have the same problem

Suresh Bhardwaj says:

Thanks sir ji

Marcella Aleman says:

Hi! Thank you for the help!

Iman Fatehi says:

I was really going to put my lovely iPhone 6 away only because of the loose lighting port connection and charging problems and buying an XR but as a last try, I found this healing miracle as a 100% working solution to my problem! THANK YOU! Apple must sou you because of this 😀

Mujtaba Skateboarding says:

Thank you so much for making this video

Ray J Montoya says:

Have the same problem, gonna try this thanks! So much dust it make sense

Rupesh chauhan says:

Amazing try it … my iphone jack is clean and working thank you…👌🏻

Agustín Gimer says:

Thanks bro!

Manuel Duran says:

I have a iphone six my charging port is clean and my phone charges it just has to be pushed upwards and its not the charger

Ian Kane says:

Could I use compressed air instead of dust remover?

Theresa Stang says:

thanks. I just did. Working now.

Anthony McCalister says:

I fucking love you my guy, you saved me

Martin Valtea says:

Opps, it can be charged.

ViPhone Kings says:

Great Video On iPhone Repair. It's nice to see a good POV to further my knowledge

bander454 says:

use a tooth brush it is much more safe

tony sony says:

Omg bro just cleaned my phone i had the exact same problem!!
Its working perfectly now big thx

Daily Fruity says:

Hi fixitsamo what spray you are using

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