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how to fix dead or water damage iphone 6

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this is how you can fix dead iphone 6.
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Giovanni Oliveira says:

Is it possible to damage only a connector on the iPhone's motherboard? In that case, the front-facing camera, sensor cable and speaker.

Because only these items are not working and the others are normal.?

Adil Yasin says:

Do you know how to fix iphone 6 error 56?

DCFanatic7 says:

Hurts my eyes to watch…?

pasindu sandeepa says:


I am a local phone repair person in Sri Lanka. I came across this water damaged iPhone 6. Followings are the things I did during the troubleshoot process.

01. Remove the display and put battery to the power supply charge. Installed the battery but no luck.
02. Gave power from power supply via iPhone 6 power connector. Power supply shows a short circuit current of 20mA, and when the power button is pressed, shot current rises up to 40 mA.

I removed the capacitor like you advised but still no luck. Phone is still short I think. Could you please help me with this ??

OrdinaryHawk says:

my iPhone 6s in water for 5 minutes and then when i saw it it was full dead , when i tried to switch on it heated up ,i got scared and kept it in rice …. please help me now what to do
+M6 repairs?

zee's trip says:

did you replace the capacitor? or just leave it without one…thanks…?

Tommy York III says:

M6, can you direct me to a good schematic for the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus? Also, is it possible to take the baseband, cpu and NAND chips from and iPhone 6 and use them on a iPhone 6 Plus? If so, does it matter if the 6 is a gsm only model and the other is the 6 Plus is the a1524 model with coma??

ishkhan tanyelian says:

my iphone 6 has also water damGe.. i washed de mothebord with benzine but didnt work.. im testing the battery its giving 4.2 volts.. after trying to turn the phone on , the battery doesnt give any volts.. just 0.0 .. when i touch the outer pins together and test the battery then gives back the 4.2 volt… now im not sure if the battery is gone or the problem coms from the motherbord..?

Vadik Leontjev says:

how many times this dude told "you know"????

rupert handford says:

Did you replace the capacitor?
What was up with the lines on the screen??

sam yosef says:

Great video, and yes Maplin do seal it, I work there, Iphone 6 touch id not working after water damage can it be fixed.?

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