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How to Fix Laptop Touchpad Problem Windows 10 (7 Fixes)

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How to Fix Laptop Touchpad Problem Windows 10 (7 Fixes)
Hi guys, here I showed up on this video how to fix laptop’s touchpad not working Issue.
There are several reasons that could cause this to happen. it could be because of when touchpad button is disabled, some laptops have either a button above or around the laptop or an Function combo key to control the touchpad.
Sometimes a USB input device as like mouse and play station 2 may be responsible for touchpad deactivation.
And, also it can be appeared much more rarely caused by Windows update components, when it needs to be repaired.
Whatever the issues, don’t worry about it, by following this instruction in this video, you can easily get the solution of this problem.


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Bela & Family says:

Have a great day!

GB Songs says:

thank you sir !!!!

DOWNStrike says:

I have same model as you bt my touchpad isn't working in advance mode plz help i need gestures bt those are only available in advance mode plz help plz

Jack Warren says:

i dont have a touch pad option

Arsh Momin says:

Thank you so much in my case fn+f7 & I'm also having same laptop that you have once again thank you so much

Harsha M says:

i hsve dell vostro while browsing net it gives lot of problem may be touchpad or sometime the page runs automaticaly not able tounderstand where the prlem is

NPD Callection says:

Thanks For Your Tips

Mr. Amit says:

thank you so much, this helped me

taniya shaikh says:

thhnx …first method woorkkiing

White Devil says:

First method works thanks bro 😚😚😚😚😚😚

Ariane Gelli Oficial says:

very nice tutorial windows 10👍

Gilso Francener says:

ᓮ ᒪᓰḰᙓ Ꭹᗝᘮᖇ ᐯᓮᕍᙓᗢ…☂ᖺᗩﬡḰ Ꭹᗝᘮ (ツ)
Have a great week

Руслан Попов TV !!! says:

Спасибо Вам большое 😀 👍

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