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How to fix swollen phone battery, phone battery repairing

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Please Remember in this project i am using fully dead discharged phone battery.
This video is intended scientific and knowledge purpose only. any action in this video shall not be a call to repeat them! try it on your responsibility, don’t try to do that at home.
The author shall not be hold liable for any of your action performed.

How to fix swollen phone battery, phone battery repairing.
Today i will show you how to fix bulges cell phone battery with easy steps do it yourself, this trick will work for few weeks not for long time.
Sometimes, when a battery goes bad, the internal cells rupture and cause a bulge to appear in the phone battery.
Bulging batteries mean only one thing- buildup of gas inside mobile phone battery like Samsung phone battery i phone etc. The gases are produced due to electrochemical oxidation of the electrolyte. Such oxidation occurs usually due to overcharging of the battery due to a faulty battery, or faulty charging electronics in the phone and battery charger, solve this problem in 1 seconds.
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Chandan Muduli says:

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The Velociraptor Blue Channel says:

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The Velociraptor Blue Channel says:

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Shubham Pathak says:

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Rifky LocoSaint says:

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Charles Selelo says:

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SDDL Gamer says:

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Craiu Petru says:

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soumik mondal says:

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Ariba Sheikh says:

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evidence justin Mawonera says:

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ɪᴄʟᴏᴜᴅ ᴍᴀsᴛᴇʀ says:

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Erik Fog says:

DO NOT LISTEN TO THIS VIDEO! Go to your brand store to get it repaired

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