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How To Fix Your Wet SmartPhone | What Happens If You Drop Your Phone In Water?

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How To Fix Your Wet SmartPhone | What Happens If You Drop Your Phone In Water?

Hey Techies! Have you ever had the horrible experience of dropping your smartphone in the pool, sink or even the toilet? Here’s a guide to help you save your phone! It’s very simple and these are the best tips I could find!

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Royal Gamez says:

i droped mine in the tub for 2 sec 🙁 i did the rice trick ima let it dry out?

Paulo Ramos says:

Hi there!
My Galaxy S6 fell in water. I allowed it to dry emerged on rice as it
would not turn off, I tried to turn it off it would restart. I can turn
it off now and it works just fine except that it does not recognize the
SIM card, when I insert it in the LED light turns blue and the Network
signal (bars) disappear. Do you know what is it that's damaged? I am not
from USA and before I buy any repair parts I would like to find out
what may be wrong with it.
Please help me on this guys.

FlyingFatCat Nation says:

i droped my phone in creek?

iAm What iAm says:

Your funny, I like it
I subscibed?

Mehi Mirzeyev says:

I have kept my phone in rice for a month after drop it to pool and still I am afraid to use it ???

Random nigs says:

Well I was in the bath, I never dropped it or anything my hands were dry and water got into it, I was watching a video and then the volume started getting lower and then it turned off, me not knowing I tried to turn it back on 4+ times, I went to my room took it apart and then saw water and ran and put everything in rice, me not knowing again about 20 minutes later I took it out and tried again but then I was told to wait so I waited a day and I tried about half an hour ago and it doesn't go past the first loading screen, and plus the screen is kinda dark so I put it on the charger and it brightens up but still doesn't fully turn on, can anyone help me please??

Kierra Boo says:

i did that trick but the pphone keeps turning off when i turn it on?

Ecaterina Garstea says:

omg tysm, this saved my phone?

Spacegirl says:

Mine was under water for about 4-6 minutes. Kept it in rice over night. Didn't work. I'm about to buy a new smartphone. :(((?

Sabih Asim says:

how many hours i keep my phone in rice?

Raees Shaikh says:

my touch is not working?

Rhi Rozga says:

What happens if your screen won't work?

Maga maga says:

What do i have to do??

Maga maga says:

I dropped my phone in the sink.?

Maga maga says:

My touch doesn't work.?

Kate Fairhead says:

I dropped my phone in sink !!!! :(?

JustForFun IThink says:

help does this does the same with the poopy water cause im just take shit in toilet owh man JUST A NORMAL DAY!!!?

Cliff Benjamin says:

what will u do if it was sae water?

winnie mama says:

does semen dry it out someone said it does it might because spunk sets my son out Ike a chemical?

Dominik Nguyen says:

I break my waterproof phone :DDD?

Ramadhan Eki says:

good info dude..?

Gagman 435 says:

My phone dropped in the bath and the speaker is all weird what do I do?

Cra K says:

What's an alternative to rice with a iPhone?

Himynameis1322Gaming says:


Shroud King says:

i was swimming with my phone for like 1hour how long to i put in rice?

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