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How To NOT Repair An iPad Mini Screen

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It’s very easy to crack or brake the screen in the iPad or any apple device to be fair. Also, it’s so expensive to get the screen fixed professionally so you may be tempted to do it yourself. If you are like me then you’ve had a go repairing your screen before and it has turned it has turned out reasonability good. Then, once the screen gets cracked again, you decide to film the process but not all goes to plan…

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Spoonfed Truth says:

Failure is necessary. Only if you learn from your mistakes. Nice try guys

[Velocity] says:

Digitizer and screen? Same thing ?

Brian Little says:

But what if my power on button is stuck idk how to fix it!

Snobler :D says:

What do I do, I think my digitizer is broken because my screen isn't cracked but one side is kinda popped open on the edge and it displays random colors and it ghost type.

JUKE179r says:

Good to know about replacing the home button. Cheers.

Little Ashley12331 says:

Burp it it will work

Jack Shovelton says:

u can't tell someone not to buy it because u tryed to tape it on u mong

Karmiangod says:

Your lucky Aloe Vera.


What happened to your iphone video????

AJMakesVids says:

+INK. Nice Vid

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