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How To Repair Any Dead or Short Mobile | Dead Mobile Phone Repairing,

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Sandip Sikdar says:

Sandip sikdar- 9998321720 sir plz contacr me


Please help me .my vivo v7 plus is not working.girne se uske board me problem aa gyi h ab vo on nhi hota h koi solution h to batana

Nivash Nakshathran says:

Moto g death light is blinking half shorted mobile what can I do for power on this board

Ghannigee Capuncci says:

Please help Huawei p8 lite when I on it vibrate and screen want to visualize but nothing can you help me

Momin Molla says:

Hey my phone is dead you repirr this to apka pH no dado

ivndsnvindiv nivnienvieni says:

my tenor has shorted due to water damaged

Aamir Hussain says:

Bro my nokia lumia 535's camera is not opening when i open lumia camera app it just kick me back plz bro solve my this problem

Moin Kazi Kazi says:

my phone falled in water and after i removed it ,it was on but after its battery was low it went off and was not charging …i gave in d shop but they r telling it is short circuited and mi store are telling that they can fix it in 8000 rs now plzz tell m what shall i do

Moin Kazi Kazi says:

mi note 5 is dead..nobody is repairing plzz fixx

ibbu Appu says:

One plus 2 pani me girgaya on nahi hora kya kare

Gokulgkl Gkl says:

viedocon 4g delite 21 mobile dead problem செல் ஆண் ஆகவில்லை charge போட்டால் viedocon எண்ரு வந்து போய் கிறது offஆகுது எப்படி சர் செய்வது please tell@@

mani goyal says:

Phla background song sound bnd kr phir saaf saaf bol

Jagadeesh Budda says:

My Coolpad mobile is dead it's charging but not switch on what can I do now plzzzz anyone suggest me

Wilson Fernandes says:

I bought Xperia z5 premium 1year back used only for 5months suddenly it went off if u connect the charger it makes bio sound twice it doesn't even vibrate . . .


I am using cool-pad unfortunately it is not working. When I tried to on it. It is not switching on

Shanmuga Srinivas says:

Bro my mobile Acer Z630s mobile not on, but charging indicater working, I think my mobile is dead due to not using since a month, so please help me what to do.

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