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How to solve iPhone 6 Plus touch issue? | Touch IC Repair Guide

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This video will show you how to fix iPhone 6 Plus touch issue and screen flicker problem.
In this video I’ll show you how to repair the touch not working issue, as well as the screen flickering problem. Is it the screen no touch problem cause by defect screen? I’ve changed a new screen but why does the phone still not touch? There’s no response, the iPhone 6 Plus seems like a phone model you can see the icons but you can’t touch it. These kind of problem may caused by Touch IC damage. This repair guide will show you how to fix it.

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2. Guitar Pick – https://www.witrigs.com/case-opening-tools-04-for-iphone
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7. Tweezers – https://www.witrigs.com/pro-rhino-tweezers-ts-00-no-magnetic-for-ipod
8. Soldering paste
9. Tin paste
10. Solder wire
11. UV curing solder mask
12. Soldering iron
13. Motherboard holder
14. UV curing light
15. PCB board cleaning water
16. Microscope
17. Cotton swab

Step1 Take out the Motherboard
Step2 Remove Touch IC
Step3 Clean the PC board
Step4 Reconnect the damage IC wire
Step5 Test the phone
Step6 Reassemble the phone


lohit aras says:

Hello sir can I know the model of microscope which u used in this video thank u

117johnA says:

hi after touch ic repair my iphone 6 has battery drain issues. any advice as to why?

Rashid Malik says:

some points missing….

mohsin shah says:

very nice work

mrpharnos says:

Hey there, cool video. I have a question. What is the board called that you put the touch ic into at 13:17?

Jay Patel says:

Good very good work

zLucky ʕ •ᴥ•ʔ says:

Can i use parts of my Iphone 5 to fix it?

Tech Base says:

School boy error having battery connected before the screen. Great job though 🙂

engr sany says:

Totally video nice.

Nirmal Mahto says:

How much do you charge iPhone 6 plus

Girish Chawla says:

Can pls share IPhone 6s U2 IC repair guide ..


Thanks for the great lesson. I will test it on one unit i have ..Best Regards..Tienda Punto-Movil

batista999 says:

Hello which temp do you set on the solder iron to clean and solder the pads ?

Gerald Lamp says:

Step 1: Be Asian
Step 2: ???
Step 3: Fixed

Newspaper D.S.A says:


sharif farzana says:

bro garet solution


Hello mere pass iPhone 6plus Hai usme touch problem Hai agar thodi Der rek dete Hai to touch thodi Der chalthi Hai Varna Nahi soulstion please ? Folder ki bhi Kami Nahi Hai mene r badal keep dekha that may whatapp v contact number. 8958111682 please solutions

Alexandre R says:

Excellent video with very details ! I like and inscriteted in your channel !

SanDo East says:

Nice vid… one problem… You must never connect the screen with the battery plugged in because you can blow the caps the feed the drivers for the screen..

Anthony Perry says:

I got the chip off but how do I get the chip back on ?

Avinav Arora says:

Hi, Greetings from India! 🇮🇳
Last week i accidently dropped the upper part (earpiece & camera area) of my iphone 6 into water.
It was only after a week that i could take my phone for repair & the technician told me the exact same problem addressed in this video of a faulty display & touch ic and charged INR 4100/- ($ 63) for repairing the same. The battery was 57% when he handed me the phone and within 45 mins. the phone's battery got dead and now its not even charging at all, i've tried a different charger as well but the phone is like dead.
Now, i know that the device is not in front of you, but with your experience can you please help me out with the following :
a. Was i overcharged for the touch ic & screen replacement which is a first copy & not original apple?

b. Was there a need of replacing the screen as well or just rectifying the touch ic would have done the trick ?

c. Why was there such a huge power drain & now the phone is not charging at all, it's like dead.
Is it because of or connected to the screen & touch ic replacement?

d. How can i get this fixed at minimum possible cost & approx how much would it be ?

I have already spent alot on an old phone and I don't wish to spend more.

Your help will be highly appreciated. Thanks in advance. 🙂

P.S. – In the 10 mins. that i tested the device post repair – the earpiece, microphone, camera, network signals & calls ( both in & out) were all working fine.

Anthony Perry says:

Would a normal solder iron work ? Does it need to be a microsolder iron

Qlirim Berisha says:

can u fix my pliz :@

Yeong Cham says:

WOW. This is work of art! I would like to send you my 6p for repair. Where are you located?

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