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iOS 12.1 Beta 2! New Emojis, Sounds, ChargeGate Fix & More!

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iOS 12.1 Beta 2 Released With LOTS Of Cool Changes! 12 NEW Features & Changes, 70+ Emojis, New Sounds, eSim & More!

iOS 12.1 Beta 1 Recap: https://youtu.be/b0ZeV1S5_h8
iOS 12 Full Review: https://youtu.be/7clM07S0H_E


Aramiss Radu says:

that depth effect toggle
does not work in iphone x …

Shayk Hammad says:

should I update from iOS 12?
iPhone X

R&M XP says:

When I tried the Airplane Mode on my iPhone,I threw it out of the Window and it didn’t fly

Aks Aks says:

where the f* the promised giveaway?

Juan Carlos De Leon Torres says:

64gb iphone and you only have 17.72gb left with 55 videos and 66 photos and 21 apps?? am i the only one that caught that?

samsung wala says:

how much iphones do you have

rabia muqeet says:

I love the new emojis 😍😍

Slayerz Games says:

My friend has an iPhone 6s and she has got the new emojis. I have an iPhone 7+ and I updated and I haven’t received the emojis yet. What do I do?

Log Home says:

When will the general release be out?

Oriana Escobar says:


xxx Rest in peace says:

My phone keep restarting???

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