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iOS 12.1 Fixes a “Big Problem”..

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Did Apple fix the infamous #BeautyGate problem in iOS 12.1 on the iPhone XS & iPhone XS Max? (iOS 12.1 vs 12.0.1)

Apple’s latest software update, iOS 12.1, officially fixes one of the biggest complaints with the new iPhone XS & iPhone XS Max: Beauty Gate.

According to Apple, the issue was caused by a bug in Apple’s new Smart HDR feature, introduced with the iPhone XS. It caused the front-facing camera to add a smoothing effect to skin.

TheVerge article: https://www.theverge.com/2018/10/23/18011814/iphone-xs-beautygate-fixed-ios-12-1
About Smart HDR: https://www.idownloadblog.com/2018/09/19/about-smart-hdr/

Did you notice this change in iOS 12.1? Is BeautyGate fixed for you?

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Brandon Butch says:

Hey guys! Was #BeautyGate ever a big deal to you? I always noticed it but never saw it as a "big problem" like some news outlets made it seem.

Cooheyman says:

They still haven’t fixed it completely it is fixed a bit but it’s still not sharp enough, it’s blurry and previous iPhones are still way more sharp.

Kearsten Dennis says:

When I see ppl with this phone it kinda makes them look pinkish brownish which makes me not want it

Aya Ld says:

Is this gonna be fixed cause my snapchat sucks ..?

Aamir khan says:

How can I fixed my 12.1 update my phone call options is lagging I am unable to receive call help me

Karson Trotter says:

Pls fix this apple

Michelle Sukraj says:

Is anyone else still experiencing this issue because 12.1 came out however i see NO difference fixed within the camera !

Amelia Wells says:

My iPhone XR is updated to 12.1 and it hasn’t changed.

Zephy says:

you had one job … to show some decent photos….

Phillip Hoppa says:

Anybody else notice photos look painted or airbrushed when zoomed in? I’ve taken a lot of burst photos and they all look like crap. My iPhone 6s on iOS 12.1 doesn’t have this issue. Anybody notice this?

Alexia Nicole says:

You're cute

Rob Bassani says:

Aside from the beautygate issue, do you still see a slight green tinge that messes with the true color of the photos?
I find it makes certain colors look slightly off or looking lighter such as shirts and hair.

(in my tests I'm not using Portrait mode because other apps such as SnapChat have to default to the Normal mode)

Geeks Life says:

It isn't just images. It's happening for me with video too. Makes me look pink. And I have 12.1 and don't see a difference. I'd have noticed without the media for sure. 🤔 still loving the phone though.

B. C says:

I just updated to the latest ios 12.1 and I still cant see the craters on my face that I can see so clearly on my mom's iPhone 6s….

Naturkunskap Johan says:

I cant see the 12.1 selfie is more detailed. I dont know if its the video quality, me or if there is no difference in detail. I do prefer the 12.1 images though. Looks less soft kindof, but can't tell exactly why.

Also I do think back camera samples in other videos look to soft (and yellow) over all. Compared to Pixel 3 I do Pixel look to sharp and contrasty thought. I would like it in between.

Jolie Holiday says:

i hate all these friken tech reviewers and whiney babies saying that this a bad thing and it needed to be fixed omg we edit our pictures anywhere who wanna see pores and all thta i know i smooth out all those things anyway gosh

Jolie Holiday says:

no it is a friken not a big deal i love it like most people complaing but didint complain when samsung and all others did it so annoying

Austin-Wyatt Petersen says:

You are so damn handsome <3 The things I'd love to do with you 😉

B. C says:

I just got the XS with iOS 12.1 and the beauty gate hasnt been addressed at all lmao

Caroline barilla says:

Y’all I have the iPhone XS and This iPhone 12.1 isn’t showing up do install… Help?!

MetalJ3oss says:

Why is everybody referring to it in Portrait mode ?
I got the same thing on normal selfies

M C says:

Brandon. The official Apple dick sucker.

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