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iOS 8: How To Fix iOS8 WiFi Network Connection problems [for iPad, iPhone, iPod]

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Have you updated to iOS 8(iOS8) and become angry, annoyed or frustrated because your iDevice is have constant WiFi network connection issues and problems?

Are you constantly having to restart your iPad, iPhone, or iPod because you can no longer connect to the internet at your home or office?

I was experiencing this very same issue myself until I came across a fix to keep me connected to the internet until Apple fixes the wifi problem in an update to iOS8.

It only takes 3 simple steps. Well, and maybe a few baby sub-steps.

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David-Vaughan says:

To Harsh Gandhi, seems you have disabled replies to your comments so I have
to post like this and hope you get it.

Go to Settings->iTunes & App Store

See if you have your Apple ID setup in there. If you have, you could try
signing out and signing back in again.

Hope this helped.?

maryyjanee247 says:

Does this happen on the iPad air 2? I want something that says YouTube
without crashing I heard Apple was good at not crashing like galaxy was I
wrong? ?

Syed Abuthahir says:

Dear David,
Recently i got iphone 6 but i have wifi issues.. while am using
wifi its automatically disconnect and asking everytime to join.. plz help
me how to fix this issues?

Mimi G says:

Thank you.. ?

Marco Colombo says:

I have updated my iPad mini to the latest iOS. The wifi was working fine
since yesterday, then suddenly it disconnected and never connected to it
again. The connection works (works on all my other devices) but when I try
to connect from the iPad it says that the password is wrong even if it’s
the same one I use for the other devices. I tried to reset the network
settings and to forget the network, and I also tried the method you
suggest here but nothing seems to work. Do you have any tips for my
problem? Thank you?

Kyle Thompson says:

Any tips?? MY iPod keeps dropping the WiFi signal every 2 minutes i dont
know how to fix this…?

Sambar Lice says:

My wifi password on my ipad 4 always says incorrect password. My laptop,
other ipad and all phones are connected except my main ipad. Please help

headcutter09 says:

I hope you reply. My WiFi problem is that whenever i need to do something
like watch a video or download something the WiFi keeps disconnecting and i
have to reboot device to get it back again. Any ideas on how to fix this??

Vilma Perez says:

Actually, my iOS 8 jailbroken iPod 5 is having a problem with the wifi, it
keeps turning off constantly. PLEASE SOMEONE REPLY ?

XiongBin Lin says:

Question, my brand new iphone 6 + will suffer from random wifi drop 2-3
times a day, after drop from wifi network my iphone 6+ can’t not connect
and even find any wifi signal, for a prolong period of time, should as 1-2
hours.(or util I restart my iphone) it is normal? I’m on a University wifi
network with password.?

Javid Muradi says:

Thank you so much man! You have no idea how long this has been bothering
me. I really appreciate it man. Keep it up. PEACE :)?

robingh says:

hello i have a problem with my iphone 4s i tryd recovery wifi and full
recovery now my wifi freezes and cant connect to wifi?

Georgette Akehurst says:

hi lucky me finding you today I have struggle with my ipad 4 fro months and
theni just leave it and now i need it for my hubby who has a broken hip and
need to pass the time
the problem is i cannot log into the internet it has safari and i dont
know how to take it out and put google inthere
now i dont even see my emails it says i have 100 and it wont open
can you help
thank you for your generous service

rayanrislani says:

Thx man ! Your the best!!!
Solved my problem instantly!!?

Aimi Hisaki says:

My wifi isn’t slow, but I realized that HTML5 videos pause every few
seconds and sometimes refuse to play. Also, the iPhone 5 sometimes freeze,
then crashes about 10 seconds later. What’s going on??

varshan jothikumar says:

Hai,I’m varshan . I downloaded a game but unfortunately my connection was
lost for 2minutes the downloading will continue or not?

Yellow Flash Last says:

omg thank u so much !!!!!!?

Sandra Youngkrantz says:

I tried all the things you mentioned and a few others with no success at
getting my iPad4 to connect to the wifi. Then I turned off my cellular data
on a lark, and the wifi connected immediately. It even stayed connected to
the wifi when I turned the cellular data back on. Go figure!?

Zymir Warren says:

Dear David,
Does this help you with your iMessage and FaceTime on the iPod 5? The
problems I am having is that the iPod keeps saying my iPod is having
network connection problems and when I try to sign in to iMessage it says
the same thing. Do you have any solution to these problems??

Kpop ailee fanboy and call of duty player says:

is there any harm to delete the dns and typing different numbers. ?

T Marginau says:

Google’s* DNS (for the grammar Nazis out there)?

ready teddy says:

I’m slow when using 3G and LTE too yet still faster than wifi?

Linda Deng says:

For me its not my wifi signal, its my wifi range. I have to be standing
like 30 feet away for me to catch a signal, but on my iphone i can be
upstairs or even out off the house. help!?

jeppe werring says:

my iphone 6 wifi still ceeps crashing and freezing. but if i use 4g it
works flawless never crashes or freezes and its super fast help.?

zaquarious delaney says:

Hey can someone helpbme im.having problems with my ipad @David-Vaughan?

Malilifire says:

My wifi was perfectly connected to my iphone and then all of a sudden it
tells me that i have no internet connection. My data and wifi wasn’t
working. I just now got my data to work, i don’t know how, i kept reseting
my phone. The wifi still won’t connect. Everytime I enter my password it
says “unable to join network.” I watched a bunch of videos and tried
everything, but nothing works. ;(?

quadriderhonda says:

Does this still work ?

maxine wright says:

thank so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you help so

Madiecka SJ says:

hello.. my phone is connected to the wifi but i can’t use the internet..
when i open whatsapp it says waiting for network. i don’t think its the
wifi problem since my laptop and android users can use it perfectly fine..
can you help me??

Rockport gaming says:

ahh great man thank you you’re the best!?

Austriaboy98 says:

On my iPhone 6+ the wifi connection breaks and then it connect again. I
always have to turn off the wifi and turn it on. Is there something wrong
with the wifi or the phone? Please help me. Thanks!?

Dixiemaizter gogo says:

thank you, you made my day?

Abdulla Al Hammadi says:

hi sir

i bought an i phone 6 and i have a problem with the carriers .. i put a the
sim card for vodafone but in the mobile show that its T-mobile i dont know
why .. even when i select manual network selection i chooses vodafone ..
but its not change ..waiting your replay.. ?

Dio Tomboc says:

HI sir, i still have a problem with my ipad mini, it does not connect to my
wifi connection, and i dont know what to do now, please help :(?

sam eyre says:

my i phone carn or wont find any net work to connect to when my othe
devises work fine nothin works i have tried reseting my phone and
restarting my phone nothing works i gess aple put some crap in thes soft
where so I got to spent £500 to ge a new phone?

Roshan Suranga says:

I had so much pain with this issues is doesn’t say anything just keep
loading and i was yelling at the internet provided. thanks man you saved a
lot of trouble. ?

King Muthu says:

THANK YOU david… Worked for me in 5C. I thought of buyin a new iPhone 5S?

Palmer K says:

My iphone Shows that is has a connection at the top of the iPhone and when
I go into settings. It has a three bar, but It like does not use the Wi-Fi.
I have tried restarting my phone, but not resting it because all my other
phones have broken because of resting it. It is getting annoying because I
am around the house a lot and I like the watch Videos on YouTube while
doing stuff. (btw, My phone is a 4s) Please Help!?

mohammed alwndawe says:

Thx very much man be the god please with you ?

C00LDUDES says:

Pls help my iPad 2 has a problem
I can’t scan for any wifi even though i’m standing beside my wifi

Pillowgirlxx Wooz says:

To this person tht made this: I have an ipod touch 5th generation and im
connected to wifi but it doesnt work please help

Rahul Soharye says:

hello i have ipad 3g ,and i’m having problen to connect sites like
youtube.com or movies sites for e.g , i have tried this method and its not
working , can you tell me what can i do else?

Issam Abu-Izz says:

Hi, I did that but I still have problem connecting to WIFI, it only works
when I am within 10 feet away from the router and then it doesn’t work.
this happened after I upgraded my IOS. I have latest IOS on my iPhone 5
now … any help will be appreciated.?

FiyahzSpeaks says:

thanks mate!?

James Murray says:

Connected but not working?

NegativeStyleZ says:

Thanks so much man! I think we all owe you one!?

yosofya shahen says:

finally .. i was just about to hate the version but thanks to you
everything is back to normal .. big thanks 🙂 ?

TheWhiteSnow1 says:

But i cant even connect to my wifi 🙁 ?

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