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iPad Air Screen Replacement (digitizer and LCD removal and installation)

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Video on iPad Air Glass digitizer glass and LCD screen replacement (Fourth generation)
iPad Air screen repair, iPad Air digitizer repair

Self install instructions, for some one considering replacing their broken LCD or digitizer on their own.

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Nathan Denn says:

Thank you John Malkovich

Andrew Peel says:

Thanks for the video , I found it extremely helpful

eaglebrink says:

Nice informatieve video, just one thing, test the screen before you glue it!!

Cheryl Hegar says:

The video was great, but now I'm having trouble with the ipad charging. I did everything just like the video, why wont it charge?

Eduardo Carvajal says:

Very well explained, I managed to change my screen with ease, following your video. Thanks!

icedcooley says:

Can’t find any decent replacement screens online!

Moo Sakda says:

Hello. Don't you need to glue on the new screen?

Strikebang Zekrom says:

Can you make a video like this but for an iPod touch 4?
I just got the digitizer in the mail and i need instructions on how to transfer the display.

John Mallie says:

Well, I thought I did everything properly but the touch pad barely works. I can't enter my code to open it up. Any ideas??

Kseniaaaa says:

I see no details in this video. It’s too far from the device

I don't really know says:

We got our iPad sent off to get the screen fixed and when we got it back the home button isn't working

M B says:

Thanks a lot gonna give a go, hopefully I have the same success as everyone else. Can u do one on the lock button not locking. Keep up the good work.

Sudhir Gupta says:

Hey brother you are awesome


Hey didnt reference the home button at all.

Dominic Wright says:

So you don't need to add any glue to to new digitizer before sticking it down? Or does it come with glue on it already? I don't get how it stuck back in place.

Adolf Hitler says:

Does this reset all your data on your iPad? Please help me, and is it worth giving it to a Somalian screen fixer (not being racist, it's the only people who does these things) the iPad screen is broken in the inside, there is nothing cracked in the outside, so is that the same thing as replacing your screen? Please tell me I am really frustrated, half of my screen doesn't work when I touch it.

Debbie Grapl says:

Where do you get replacement screens from in Australia?


my LCD screen didnt come with the metal plate. will it still work without it

Atasel İriş says:

People complain about the non-laminated screen. Well, laminated screens can provide you a better experience in general but replacing a non-laminated screen's glass is way easier.

7Westwood says:

Very Helpful Video… Thank You

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