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iPad Mini Glass & Screen Replacement (digitizer and LCD removal and installation)

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http://www.laptopscreen.com/English/Apple/iPad/ – iPad, iPad2, iPad3, iPad Mini screens and Digitizers from $49 in-stock.

Direct-Drop-In parts (no soldering) are now available!
Attention! The current available parts for iPad Mini ship without the digitizer control circuit!

We recommend reusing the original one, for that you will need to
– Carefully separate the original from the digitizer’s flex cable (using heat)
– Replace and glue in the control circit onto the replacement part (align the leads well)

Video on iPad Mini Glass digitizer glass and LCD screen replacement
iPad Mini screen repair, iPad Mini digitizer repair

Self install instructions, for some one considering replacing their broken screen or glass on their own.

Visit https://www.LaptopScreen.com for more FAQ’s



Raphael Samad says:

Exactly the information that I needed. Thank you so much, your instruction is excellent.

Scott Abdo says:

the video was spot on, took me about 45mins and works as good as new that you for posting this, hint the glass is a little tough ti get off

Onthe Hudson says:

The one day it's out the case it gets stepped on fork!

Gordon Hannah says:

Well made 'how to' video with excellent instructions! Thanks ๐Ÿ™‚

Arandomguy says:

Way harder to fix a Wii U gamepad screen

Starkill3r 306 says:

I like Apple, but they can be a pain in the ass sometimes.

scratch64 says:

So if my lcd display is fully functional I dont need to take it out?

RC Montages says:

Can u use a hair dryer

Mikez says:

Great video and clear instructions thanks ๐Ÿ™‚

Andrew Burn says:

Your fingers are always covering the important fidgety bits

Grin go Ali says:

The best vid on screen replacement I've seen well done and thanks. ??

i69bruh says:

what heat gun are you using?

Jessica Jenkins says:

how do I turn battery off? what does that mean? do I just shut the iPad off or is there a special way to turn the battery off? please explain in details

SavageMate says:

Do you have to disconnect the battery before the new LCD/digitiser goes on? I know in some iPads it blows the backlight

-iNFiNiTy- says:

What type of glue should I use to stick the original control circit onto the replacement part

Jamal Muhammad says:

Hey do I need a heat gun ?

a no limit person says:

where to buy the parts from?

#KTG says:

My screens ripped of no using tools

ryvaenge says:

I guess this video is missing one important thing to do, disconnect the battery before you disconnect and reconnect your lcd and digitizer, I now have a new digitizer but no backlight on the lcd!

Richard McGee says:

I cannot get the screen off. I have heated all around the iPad for over 1 minute. it's hot on every corner but will still not come up with suction cup. I try to slide putty knife in but will not go in. help me please!!

Pa Bar says:

So I went through this and a few other videos, made the digitizer replacement repair and holy crap! everything still works perfectly! Except for my official Apple Smart Cover doesn't put the iPad Mini to sleep anymore. Can anyone tell me where I might have gone wrong?

Nawaz S says:

on 2:18 SECOND of the video, how were you able to band/fold ย the LCD completely on top of screen, ??? And i broke my black color of screen on top of lcd while trying to take out LCD,

Ron Crandall says:

Liked your video.I have a blank screen created by moisture, not directly dropped in water. It gradually spread and finally went dark. I can hear a beep when connecting the power cable, but no other sights or sounds. Screen looks good. I slightly opened and tried to dry it out with some hair blower heat. I have new screen and digitizer but am beginning to feel the problem is probably the lcd. I can and have backed it up on my mac. Questions: 1. does it sound like the lcd? 2. Will I also need to replace the screen? 3. How can I tell if it is powered on or off before I start?

Evan Beebe says:

how much are the lcd's?

Officer Veliz says:

It's funny that you made a video of 5 minutes and I see others 1 hour lol

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