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ipad mini no light repair

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ipad mini, no light repair
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alejandro rodriguez says:

Great video. I subscribed

john manning says:

that was a good job

john manning says:

go on u-tube

djastral232 says:

Could you please explain how did you understand that the fuse was not good ???

Uroš Vidic says:

I have a question..would backlight work without the new fuse?..I don’t have a spare one..

Steven Booth says:

Am I the only one who thought that component was heat affected on first view? I know it isn't a firm guide but I always scan for heat discolouration. Mind you I would have not known to look in local without the schematic. Nice work; must have been very frustrating.

pei broker says:

thanks for this …

jawed jmy says:

nice work, how can I activate zxw tool

Karol Różycki says:

Great job 🙂

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