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iPad Mini Touch FPC socket connector repair

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There are so many dealers accidently broken the touch socket of iPad Mini. It’s so fragile. The gold pin missing…


Jorge Ortegon Valenzuela says:

what camera use for your videos?

Alex Obruchev says:

need help when removing the connector were torn off the track how to restore contact on the tracks? Help please

Ryan Cooper says:

Just dont make me pay 300 dollars cause it was my birthday present 7 years ago

Ryan Cooper says:

I have an ipad mini that needs this

heechan moon says:

i want to know temperature please

chooi weyherng says:

iphone6lus touch ic repair how much


can you tell us at what temperature you use your hot air gun please?

Saud Alasmari says:

What you put at 10:30 ?

HunStoBent says:

Hi!! I would like to ask in Malaysia got any shop that can upgrade storage?

Fithri Zainal says:

good job..anyway, what is the temperature you used for your hot air?

muhamad fazif says:

hi boss i currently looking for PCB iphone repair course. now i live temerloh if i come after chinese new year when you open class and course fee will how much. course doing learning how long time . and how should i contact you

hassan abd says:

whats the flux . please

rupert handford says:

Was that low temperature solder?

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