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iPad Not Charging? Here’s The Real Fix!

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Two Apple experts explain what to do when your iPad is not charging. Although you may think something is physically wrong with your iPad, a lot of the time this issue is caused by its software. We’ll also help you inspect your charger and Lightning cable for damage!

DFU Restore Your iPad: https://youtu.be/IMaD_vz5O3Q

Have Puls fix your iPad that won’t charge: https://www.payetteforward.com/yt/ipad-wont-charge

Schedule Apple Store appointment: https://getsupport.apple.com

Check out our article to learn more: https://www.payetteforward.com/ipad-not-charging-heres-why-real-fix/

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jim beam says:

I had this issue earlier in the year with my ipad pro. When cable was plugged in it would give me the symbol to charge ipad showing a cable. I let it completely drain and was about to take it in and after three days it miraculously started charging . Well after 5 months it did it again . Hoping i can wait a couple days and it will start charging again .

Doug Woolley says:

iPad mini will only charge to 2% after the iOS 12 “upgrade “. Three reputable repair stores, including Apple, could not repair my issue. With only 2% charge I cannot perform a hard reset. Any ideas? Thanks in advance.

HH Melisa says:

It’s my portable. But my family doesn’t use apple, only me. And my best friend won’t let me use hers. And my family won’t buy a new one.. 2% help me.

Garantia Saúde says:

You guys saved me. I really appreciate it. Very simple, objective and useful explanation.

DDG Squad says:

R u gonna loose anything when u hard reset?????

†ANGÉ|† says:

Apple= garbage ever since Jobs died… gay representative, gay products, gay results. Its also like they make the chargers out of eraser like material that will deteriorate with use for profitable rather than technical reasons.

Atanacio Luna says:

silly video, a waste of time on advertising for their service.

x Jason x says:

My iPad will only charge if the cable is pointed a certain direction.

I've tried new cables, different chargers, cleaning it out, and I honestly don't know what to do except to get it repaired. Does anyone have tips on what I should do?

Angshuman Roy says:

It got on by the hard reset!!!

Charlotte Gray says:

I have an android…


And BTW its on mac :<


Meh is watching this 1% at my ipads bar…

Random Guy says:

i tried the brush and it ain't working anymore. fuck this assholes.

Boeing 717 says:

My ipad never charges and I freaking hate apple


But my iPads dead.

Corrina McMinn says:

Thanks a lot, cleaned port with tooth brush and it worked

Bl3uB0t Exploitz says:

I have 2% seems guys later I’m gunna die D:

Truth be told says:

Apple keeps making these products that just keep going backwards as far as functionality and reliability.

Game Target says:

Plz help me plz plzz plzzzz plzz help me plzzzzzz my iPad won’t charge if I press the charging cable down and if I push it it will say not charging this is an iPad Air 2 on iOS 12 I have tried everything I have changed my charging cable and I have used an iPhone 📲 5s charger 🔌 but it will not charge plzzzzzzzzzzzz help plz

Starlight says:

My charger is broken tho

Starlight says:

Bro I'm only 7 …

Playboi Zai says:

My charger is new, the charging logo is there but it’s not charging

Melissa Wolkon says:

Love you guys! Thank you!

Subscribe says:

It works lol

The Trunkinator says:

Tysm, I did the reset but it didn't work, but then I used the toothbrush and it worked!

KawwaiiFoxDreams Foxy says:

Mine is a ultra

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