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iPad WiFi Problem And Fix, How To Fix WiFi Issue on iPhone or iPad

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Troubleshoot WiFi Issue on iPhone or iPad, iPad Fix For WiFi Problem. Try out my fix, It will not cost you any money.


steven lane says:

All that back and forth seems (Mind-Boggling).

Ray Wang says:

wow… so ipad is not user friendly. why i buy it?

Phylis Joykin says:

Thanks so much..the "forget network" method worked..

My DEAD dog says:

OMG ThANK YOU it worked!!!!!!

myrhel@gotmail.be says:

my problem is that when my iPad was new and they asked if I want use wifi or something I say no but since then I can't connect any wifi of my hose

Haru Cartwright says:

Thank you sir

Haru Cartwright says:

The thing worked

Haru Cartwright says:

You r the best

Potato Love says:

OMG THANK YOU SOO MUCH THIS WORKS at first i thought this will not work but it worked when i off and on my airplane mode it worked thanks

bret says:

It worked at first, but the connection will lost after several minutes😢

Abdirahman Atosh says:

My internet is so shit I can’t even watch the vid

Frankie Gem Villanueva says:

My problem I that I can’t enter my game but I can enter other games and youtube

Pranav Nambiar says:

Thanks so much

milki says:

If u don’t have WiFi how do u watch this

Reddish The Fox says:

Thank you! Works for me

Tiffany Davis says:

Thanks for sharing but unfortunately my WiFi is still greyed out

Joneal Estrella says:

Just update your time zone, date and on so on, go to Settings >General> Date and Time, just update it

Smol_bean 004 says:

Last night it was connected just fine but then it disconnected Wi-Fi for some reason and now it won’t let me back on the network can you help?

Thanet Phoumsavanh says:

Omg cant believe it I cant fucking connect I tried it all


Thank you very much

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