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iPad Won’t Rotate? Here’s The Real Fix!

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Two Apple experts explain what to do when your iPad won’t rotate. Most of the time, your iPad isn’t rotating because Device Orientation Lock is turned on. You can simply open Control Center and turn it off.

If your iPad stops rotating when you open a specific app, there could be a problem with that app. If it has crashed, open Control Center and close it. If it continues to crash, it’s probably time to find a replacement!

Learn more about what to do when your iPad isn’t rotating: https://www.payetteforward.com/ipad-wont-rotate-heres-real-fix/

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Jim Bolt says:

I’ve found a less extreme way to unlock the orientation than resetting all the settings—when mine locks for no apparent reason, I do a “cold restart.” That is, I simultaneously hold down both the power button (upper right, top) and the home button until the screen goes black and the white Apple logo appears. If Siri should come up because you are holding down the home button, ignore it and keep holding both buttons down. So far, it’s always worked.

Mike Hofer says:

Very cool, you guys just made this 60 year old man a very happy man! My iPad was working fine when I went to bed and the this morning the screen wouldn’t rotate. I remember seeing that button but didn’t know what it did, and apparently I must have tapped it last night when I was adjusting the screen brightness! You guys are too cool!

Alex tjjf1 says:

It helped with my phone too. Thanks for the help! 🙏

Hi Biatch says:

Thank u so much

Jim Marcarello says:

excellent explanation and the reset worked for me on the first try. thanks

Gacha_Wolf XD says:

Thank you so much I thought I broke my I pad

Jazzy Drew says:

Wow help me in the first 35 seconds great video

Cai c: says:

My lock was on lol, thank you 🙂


It doesn’t work?

Aura Sire says:



Bea Long says:

Mine won't rotate on only 2 apps? The DAZN APP won't rotate, any suggestions? Thanks

Nightcore Down says:

So much better thanks!

Mary Podlesny says:

I finally got the lock icon to come on I unlocked it, 4 fingers won't do anything, bottom row of icons will not swipe right or leftno rotation button on the side on new IPAD only two volume buttonsI've watched 4 videos and still can't get it to do anythingI'll send the IPAD back I'm too afraid to turn everything off like you suggested due to their software problemThanks for trying

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