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iPhone 5 screen repair from start to finish

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Here’s how to replace the iPhone 5 LCD screen. It’s easy compared to the 4 & 4S. So easy, even I can do it.


keYserSOze80 says:

"that's so weird" what, that it broke or that it could be fixed? Bless her, just hand over your card sweetheart…

Han Koay says:

Link: https://amzn.com/B01DTO8U14

Papi Chulo says:

how many times did you failed previously in order to get it right?
This requires extreme precision.
btw thanks for making this videos. It helps a lot to understand it.

Gerardo Salas says:

Sorry for the dumb question, but is that rubbing alcohol he uses?

Meme Lord says:

Now do make a video repairing the iPhone 6 screen 😉

sykotheclown1 says:

Lolol "it's fine, I curse all the time."

Glenn Ferris says:

louis? i take a picture of the guts of iphone and print it out on magnetic sheets you use to make magnetic bussiness cards. your screws will stay on the magnet from where you removed them

nesh nesharan says:

its so satisfying to hear everything clicks into place

Chris Mejia says:

Louis, your repair videos are the bomb bro

SevenDeMagnus says:

Hi. How do you repair an iPhone 5 LCD wherein the contact cleaner (WD40) messed up the inside of the LCD (It's dim now and bright at the top and it's purple with spots and looks like it's cracked). Also would show the Apple logo then shut down (wasn't like that a few hours ago). What happened was I was trying to clean the down volume button by spraying it full blast with the contact cleaner (I should have disassambled it and sprayed on the button from the inside). I was in a hurry. I did give it time to dry up but I think the pressure created a very cold temperature creating water/moisture or the contents inside the cleaner messed up the plastics and backlighting and somehow sipped through the LCD (either betwwen the substrate and the diffuser) but I'm just guessing. I dismantled the iPhone (should I dismantle the LCD itself, it seems the white thing which I think is the backlighting can be separated and cleaned. If I can clean and separate the LCD parts, how do I clean it? I have an ultrasonic cleaner and just distilled water (grocery). God bless. Rev. 21:4

Vijay Tripathi says:

What's your opinion on iFixit?  

p00riaia says:

where do you get screens from? I know it's such stupid or possibly offensive question to ask a repair shop, but I have a repair shop here in CA and I wanna make sure I'm using the best supplier. Appreciate it

Louis Rossmann says:

If you can't answer the question of what makes you the better choice than your local competition, answer that question first. You should want to be a customer of your own company. When judging whether my business is being run RIGHT, instead of it just "seeming" right, I ask myself if in a particular instance, I would want to be a customer of my own company. If the answer is ever NO, I destroy & rebuild. Inject what makes you, want to buy from you, into your marketing.

Louis Rossmann says:

Now if that technician wants to learn more as time goes on, great! But don't delay doing A because you feel ABC need to all be done at the same time. Do A, then do B, then do C. Promoting yourself is not easy. You'll have to come up with what makes you the obvious choice over the other local businesses. Study them. Are they expensive? Are they rated poorly? Do they speak poor English? Do they not spell out the pricing for their services clearly? Do they not answer the phone?

Louis Rossmann says:

One of the biggest barriers between you now and what you want to do is the idea that you need to do it perfectly, you need to wait to do it "right."

F#%K THAT! Get that out of your head. Do what you can RIGHT NOW. A CRAP website is better than NO website. A tech that only knows how to crimp CAT5 should not wait until he can set up an iptables router from scratch to advertise his services. He should hang up that he can crimp CAT5 on every telephone post and bulletin board he can find.

Louis Rossmann says:

On a website – START A WEBSITE. Can't design one? WHO CARES. MAKE SOMETHING.

In the beginning, my website was a green backdrop. I had my phone number and email at the top with the name of my business, and a little table I made in Microsoft word & somehow converted to HTML(I believe eBay listing editor) with THREE REPAIRS and a price list for them. I also included the reasons I would be a better choice than a local store.

3 months after putting this site up, I was making $1000/week, net profit.

Louis Rossmann says:

I've done that a lot. I do the first repair for "free" because I bought two parts. I built an inventory this way, by buying two of this and that. It is a very natural way to build inventory. Instead of speculating what you need and purchasing random crap, your inventory grows in direct relation to what people are asking you to do.

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