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kackac starz says:

All I have to do is restart the phone with the home button and power bottom

Harvey Byrne says:

mine shows the apple logo and does nothing

Kidz love colors says:

thanks dude you save me

ZerO clan says:

Thanks so much

Collin Holleran says:

I went on here and while I was watching it my iPhone 6s rebooted. I hit the home button and held down the power button and it just turned back on. So just give it time

parameswar nayak says:

Hii sir..i have iphone 6s ..same switch off problem..so its not turn on..how its is work..plss tell

Khalil Williams says:

my phone did this but I have a 6 please pray

Imran Khalid says:

It wonn't work

Alessa Dolan says:

i tried it but its not helping;

ÝBc chaserrr says:

Thank god😍😍😣I thought it was Ovva widd for me

Giovanni Sastrodihardjo says:

Thanks it works

The Search For Truth says:

Thank you very much for the video. It did work. You have to hold both buttons down at the same time until the phone comes back to life. I had to hold the buttons down for about 20-30 seconds before it worked. Appreciate it!

Brenda Hatchett says:

It's working now. This 6s Plus issue some garbage! It goes black very often.

Stackpole Vlogs says:

Omg it worked!!! Thank you so much!!!!

Star Light says:

Help my charger won't charge my phone and can't turn on :cc

josh greyeyes says:

You just saved my iPhone! Thanks!

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