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iPhone Water Damage Repair With Ultrasonic

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Nearly 80% of the repair shops still use brush to clean the water damaged iPhone motherboard. It processes very slow and sometimes ineffective. This time REWA LAB presents a new water damaged iPhone repair with ultrasonic cleaner.
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Ultrasonic Cleaner?http://www.rewatechnology.com/e-catalog/search/RWRF0101055
Maintenance Platform?http://www.rewatechnology.com/e-catalog/search/Mobile%20Phone%20Repair%20Platform
Screw Drivers?http://www.rewatechnology.com/e-catalog/search/Screw%20Driver
Tweezers (ESD–10 / ESD–15)?http://www.rewatechnology.com/e-catalog/search/Tweezer
Anti-static Wrist Strap?http://www.rewatechnology.com/e-catalog/search/Anti-static%20Wrist%20Strap
Anti-static Wrist Strap? http://www.rewatechnology.com/e-catalog/search/LCD%20Opening%20Pliers
LCD Opening Pliers (M)?http://www.rewatechnology.com/e-catalog/search/LCD%20Opening%20Pliers
Cutting Nipper?http://www.rewatechnology.com/e-catalog/search/nipper
Electron Microscope?http://www.rewatechnology.com/e-catalog/search/electron%20microscope
DC Power Supply?http://www.rewatechnology.com/e-catalog/search/RWRP0101084
Soldering Iron?http://www.rewatechnology.com/e-catalog/search/Soldering%20Iron
Hot Air Gun? http://www.rewatechnology.com/e-catalog/search/hot%20air%20gun

Any questions and demands please feel free to contact us at: sales@rewatechnology.com



vivo Nokia says:


Dafir Mahmood says:

good job i wish if i can give you 1000 LIKE

Adolf KIM says:


Planet Neptune says:

Well, no one probably did this work ?

imkawed says:

it's almost never work
the sorts can be under a chip, or to mush shorts for fixing
its a waist of time

??????? ?????????? says:

How to fix a water damaged screen?

TECHDZ says:

hello best video , who i can have tweezer and screw driver thank

Jaylen Smith says:

Why do I feel like one one day you’re going bring someone back to life

edrick Negron says:

Very good job

kurd dhuk says:

thank you very much


How I can join REWA plzz rply

TheArtsOfSense says:

everyone watching rewa videos because they are so statisfying but no one of us is ever going to do shit like this 😀

Hemi Power says:

Good video presentation. Modern ultrasonic cleaners use "sweep" frequency management. The machines change frequency constantly, so the energy is never on a harmonic frequency of the lead for very long, and never at the same power setting, which has been proven to minimize damage to components.However, some electronic components, notably MEMS devices such as gyroscopes, accelerometers and microphones can become damaged or destroyed by the high intensity vibrations they are subjected to during cleaning.
At the same time, I think every expert would urge careful and thorough testing on your boards, your components and your systems before certifying the process to be trouble-free.
A better answer might be to look at vapor degreasing. Vapor degreasing is a much gentler form of cleaning that does not need ultrasonic to work well.

amir dawoodi says:

ALWAYS disconnect the battery first before removing and putting new LCD on 6s and above ..ALWAYS

Slixious says:

I would love to do things like this. However this is when the investment costs get serious and you have to get things like a decent ultrasonic machine. And a microscope to check your work properly.

kiên nguy?n says:

lcd 6 plus tranform 6s plus done , not 3d touch , how to fix

kiên nguy?n says:

lcd 6 plus tranform 6s plus done , not 3d touch , how to fix

Bob Bobby says:

Well done no one

mega pro says:

what is best repairable phone? it's truth that xiaomi doesn't have scheme for motherboard?

mrsemifixit says:

You use 5v on PSU? Isn't that too high?

Moro Kuzu says:

It is really amazing. Where do you learn these techniques?

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