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Is I.T. Dead? Is the Computer Technician Job Not Needed?

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I was asked this very question. Eli the Computer guy put a video out about the Death of I.T. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4Av9CI-_CSY and it was definitely a very interesting topic.

I definitely fall in between on this specific topic and I think I had a lot of valid information to provide here. Let me know what you think.

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Andre Rodriguez says:

What if I want to become a computer tech in oder to gain experience? I want to become a computer and systems administrator after I become a certified computer tech? Would you suggest I go for it or just go for becoming a computer systems administrator?

Michael Scheitlin says:

Great points. Thanks for the video.

With iPads, tablets, surface pros, and don’t forget those micro PCs, technicians will probably be working out of a set location via mail order. If a computer goes down in the accounting department, the accountant could just exchange it at the company’s IT Department, then plug-in the new one. Through automation, the files will updated on the new computer via the cloud.
In short, hardware is good to know, but also you could look into what things people what to connect to them. Farming sensors to manage crop watering, etc. Raspberry Pi’s are pretty cool projects to learn about the hardware & operation system interactions. Ubuntu Linux can be used in the Raspberry Pi, along with other Linux distributions.

Happy Teching, Cheers.

Vittorio Silva says:

You seem to be disenchanted because you thought you'd be able to rest on your laurels .. In reality , you can never stop learning ..

David says:

Your photography sucks balls too you fucking cuck.

David says:

K-12 IT is where it is at. Currently making $32 an hour and have the summer off. It's a one man show at my high school and I fix Chromebooks that kids jizz and eat food all over the keyboard but that's what latex gloves are for. Fix issues that the staff and teachers deal with I get to work with no supervision and get to fix shit and watch youtube videos all day. Don't listen to what any cuck who makes Youtube videos tell you.

Kenny M. says:

Definitely agree with you said that's not a career in itself.
As a Sr IT Manager I always see a need for a few low level guys but your objective should never be making that your career. The key to IT is always expanding your knowledge and skillset to move up to a where you want to be, that doesn't have to be management. Security is a big one today, but of course administration, DBA's and many others. Development can be a tough one. It's far from dead but you need to get in with an actual software company. Your average company doing in house software development is not dead but except for very large organizations a hard one to find. And those are likely going for web based that's likely part of their ERP system.

When I look at low level positions, you should bring all the skills of a "technician" but I expect more. I'm looking for at least basic knowledge of other things like Active Directory, network topology. Unfortunately not every school today is very good at arming people with those skills. Most times you have advisors who know nothing about IT telling you what classes to take!

I agree hardware repairs are done by manufacturers but I still need a guy dealing with the manufacturer to troubleshoot so they dispatch the right parts. However Dell for example has tools that are eliminating that aspect as well. So you need more to get in the door. Making level 1 your career objective is never a good plan for a career. I want to give people opportunities to show me they're learning more so they can move up if I have opportunities later.

One of the best pieces of advice I can give people in school is, if you aren't working look for in an intern program. Walk out of school with real world experience even low level. And you might find managers like myself willing to talk to you and suggest classes based on the direction you want to go. And you could possibly get hired later out of these programs but at the very least show up on time and work hard. You already have a reference in IT and know what to expect in the real world along with the experience. You may very well have learned some things from of the guys around you that you never would have picked up in school.

The last piece of advice I can give you is be realistic about your early career. Too many people seem to expect jobs like System Administrator right out of college. Expect to have to begin at a lower level and move up there or another employer with a higher position.

My first job after school was a Jr Admin when I got hired out of an intern program. Another example I just hired one of my interns recently that showed amazing promise because I continually seen him learning more.

Of course off shore support is still a challenge but you still need hands on the box at times. Unfortunately the days of setting voltage and multiplers are gone. I trained my brother an EMT how to build a computer it's like Lego today so you have to plan to move up. The demand for those positions is decreasing but will not disappear. However employers like myself will always expect more.

Sorry for the long post. Good Luck.

shane newell says:

This one breaks my heart, my great uncle owned tv repairs business in the 70s/80s/90s, I come from a family of engineers. i was so thrilled to get into IT, i started with home pc support, and working at a computer repair shop, i relay wanted to own my own shop. fast foward 6 years i am now a network admin, and im like shoot. the IT industry is slowly disappearing with AI replacing workers, and cloud solutions thank god i never paid stupid comptia for any certs. . I Dont think the average worker understands that big changes are coming . you see the infrastructure is built. I am currently looking into web design, and marketing. As much as i love the IT industry i see it slowly dying, especially the help desk guys. just like it did for pc repair gigs. People who have ben in the industry for a few years and have changed jobs / and positions IE desktop support/helpdesk/pcrepair consultants etc know what i am talking about. i wish all my Fellow NERDS to stay strong, im 34 and i love tech.. great vid man. nice content

Treyveyon Smallwood says:

Alot of companies are getting wise to hiring their own IT team for inhouse problems so IT is alive and kicking like 🐔

Wongwongwong 1000 says:

I disagree, I think IT help desk is needed in any large company because a lot of people, still no nothing about computers and will call the IT person, for everything related to there job. Windows 10 role out for example, Windows 7 is dead in enterprise going forward in 2020, a lot of users know nothing about Windows 10 and will want IT to help them out. I just worked a contract for a Windows 10 role out and it was brutal on how many dumb questions I got, will my keyboard,mouse, printers, and monitors still work with Windows 10. A user will always make mistakes and that's why they need a very helpful IT person. Network Administrators have no patients to deal with people. There still will be a lot of old people in the work force that still need help in computers. You could have every certification and you could still have to help a user install a printer or any basic issue. I do think eventually almost all IT jobs in the future will be redundant because of artificial intelligence.

Don Patterson says:

Basically, it's like this folks! I was in IT for roughly 16 years! I was a part of that whole 9/11 IT bubble burst and I can honestly say that being a "Computer Tech Only!" is NOT a good place to sitting in 2018. I am giving you some real-world advice when I say if you are a "Computer Tech" only then you will suffer! I don't AGREE with this guy wholeheartedly with him saying that a newbie should not focus on becoming a computer technician; that is a bowl of crap! He's generalizing Computer Tech and not stating the fact that NOT knowing how a computer actually functions is really a NEGATIVE in your career as an IT professional. I'm from the school of thought that having a solid foundation is KEY!!! So if you want to be a "Computer Tech" here is what I suggest right out of the gate! Become DOD certified meaning Go get your CompTIA A+ NET+ and Security+ Certifications RIGHT NOW! I guarantee you that it will be the BEST IT career decision you've ever made! Along with those certs go apply for a Public Trust Security Clearance! The IT landscape is changing in many ways; some of them due to the lack of qualified gatekeepers! So in order to secure your lively hood in the IT business, you NEED to up your game!

Perp says:

Thank you for this video. I was feeling a discouraged

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