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Lachlan Vs Muselk and Friends in Fortnite Deathrun!

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Rudah Seau says:

I got tik tok can u follow me

SAFR Xbox says:


Marvin Carter says:

Lachlan😎favert youtuber

Cayden414 says:

These are the real OGs of Lachlan
👇congrats you are a true fan
👇be an OG of mine today!
👇if not it’s ok

BC Bean says:

This map has been out for almost 2 months

Bloxie Craft says:

I’m working so I can get money to buy ur mercy I will use my graduation money 5thbtw

Family de la Vega says:

are you in click

Sargent penguin says:

Anyone remember pixelmon?

Corbin Branscom says:

Nice job at the pro am

Pokecuber says:

Do a challenge no meds

Alex Gonzalez says:

This is off topic but if anyone knows how to play Minecraft with your friends without using realms could you plz comment? thx

Jaye Anseeson says:

Will lachlan play with lazerbeam soon?

B1 Legend says:

Who here clicked because of the thumb nail

Devin says:

Oh no lachy tic tok got u too

SUB To pewdiepie and mr beast says:

Did anyone notice that his ping was at 0 1 or 2

Chris Hansen says:

This channel went from quality content to purely fortnite but I get it since this game made you get a lot more subs.

Imagangsta says:

How is the game toxic? Your just shit at it

GG_ riley says:

are you ready kids

Cro the Stray says:

GOD that fake crying is so cringe…

Nikki Van Pelt says:

Some how Lachy magicly posts the same thing after a different YouTuber post the same challenge or death run and does not even give the person a shout out

TvD Legend says:

Hope you had fun at the proam I was watching

R Knight says:

Wait so are you still doing pixelmon?

Dennis Rogers says:

Stop saying it’s so toxic

JT GOD says:

Please fallow me on tictok my name is jtgod

David Su says:

is it just me or does muselk talk too much

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