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Laptop Battery wont hold a charge FIX (doesn’t last, charge or dies quickly)

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So i was able to fix my laptop battery where the problem was it would last about 20 minutes then die. Also, the last time i attempted charging it it did not charge to the 100 percent mark. Well i show you a way to fix it in this video that actually works! Please be advised this procedure of fixing the battery is very dangerous. be safe. Also, you will need a lithium ion battery charger to charge the individual cells with.

By the way, i did this to an ASUS ROG G752 Laptop.



I was serching and was exited to see you had the exact same computer.

Joseph Tugab says:

i have an Asus ROG gl752vw laptop and i also have the same problem "0% plugged in, charging" but nothing is happening and then i saw some FIX it video on resetting the battery by "uninstalling the ACPI, then taking out the battery" so that it will reboot. now my Question is: is it safe to take out the battery and then turn it back ON while the battery is OUT?

i have tried these before on my DELL laptop, but the battery is external. my Asus on the other hand has an internal battery so i am not so sure if plugging back the laptop ON without battery is safe for my Asus or not?

CookingFrom Scratch1986 says:

seems to be it would be easier to purchase two new cells.

Devin Crawford says:

Thank you Kermit ❤

Robert Stroude says:

My chromebook dies pretty fast

Álvaro Carvalho says:

I have an Alienware 17 with a battery that's essentially dead. It's not removable, but the laptop itself is pretty easy to disassemble, and so I removed the battery, but I don't know what to do with it. Dell doesn't offer replacement batteries for my model anymore 🙁
I'm not sure if it has the same problem as yours though, but I might give it a try if I can get a hold of these sweet tools one day.

Wendy's burger joint says:

Mine doesnt even work without being plugged in would this work for me because I don't want to do this if it won't

Obie327 says:

Looks like a pain in @#$@ if you know what I mean. lol. I don't why these manufacturers can't make them more easily serviceable. I wonder if heat plays a role also in battery longevity? I use a Thermaltake Laptop cooler under my Asus Rog gaming laptop. Thanks for the painful looking but informative video. lol 🙂

Humayl King says:

My laptop battrey is two years work when charge is end iam very sad

Blakehx says:

Great video as always, thanks! Do you have a link where I can buy a similar charger?

RL Agito says:

hate non-serviceable design

Aaron Z says:

Built in battery? Come on guys!

Charles Tatakis says:

Wow, you're a brave guy, this is major surgery. You have certainly succeeded and I will never buy a laptop without a removable battery again, unless it's clearly easy to disassemble, remove.

poru oru says:

Is it bad to keep it plugged in when in use?

Dan Russell says:

I’ve been through 3 ROG g751 batteries in 2 years so I might try this with one of my “dead” ones

Vondre Bridges says:

Thank you so much I been having this problem for almost a year

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