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Laptop black screen problem Fix

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If your laptop is on but screen is black?Try this to solve the problem.

Removed Battery First–
Hold power button for few seconds–
re plugged battery and power on–.


Lukas korynta says:

Thx so much this vid helped me

1 sub gained+

LonelySin says:

Bro my PC has hard disc issue so this won't work for me

CringeyMinutesofChris says:

It didn't work… it still shows the black screen for me.


Super working

Fatme Kassar says:

I just gave it a few moments to properly repair its functions

Pasha OTH says:

First of all thank you for the video
But I have problem
My laptop screen is black then I connect it to TV with HDMI, the TV shown desktop but my laptop black can u help me?

Abdul Hadi says:

u the best guy evverr thxxx soooo much mann

TOKA G says:

Bro just delete the system 32
Your laptop will never show black screen

arshad alam says:

Thanks bro finally my pc is working

Pranay venkat with clash 33 says:

Thank you very much bro it worked

asad shaik says:

Non removable battery

Clasher Rahul says:

Thanks for this video 😉😉

Demetrius Roberts says:

Thank you so much

Xros says:

Thanks a lot holy hellll

RLP Tech says:

Ser mere leptop me problem hai

David Raymond Brown says:

The stupid fucking music and its still broken never getting hp again they ALWAYS FUCKING BREAK IM GONNA FUCKING KILL MYSELF

Karan Thakur says:

bhai merko sab steps detail me batao

AM Cdrm says:

Thanks a lot, the screen came back after taking the battery off and pushing the power on button few times and then putting the battery back 😊👍

gachaHate stop says:

Helped a lot!!!

Satnam Singh says:

Are u press enter or not

Satnam Singh says:

Which number you select when they show the list

Asmita Bhattarai says:

Help me please! It didn't work on my laptop


I did everything but its telling personalized settings not responding what should i do

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